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4 Fruits That Make Your Teeth Whiter

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When the white pigments of the outer part of our teeth are stained, they start losing their color. This is very common among adults and young people. There are different ways to whiten teeth. A dentist can help you do it.

Some of the toothpaste we use are made with teeth whitening agents but might damage our teeth in the long run. According to Healthline, there are certain fruits we can eat to whiten our teeth.

This is a natural way to restore the whiteness of your teeth and won’t have any side effects. The following are the fruits you can eat to whiten your teeth:

1. Watermelon contains hydroxy-malonic acid, which has properties that can whiten your teeth. Those textures in watermelon that look like fiber might help wash away the stains on your teeth.

2. You can eat pawpaw. The papain in it can help in washing your teeth. It can help to decompose proteins that are harmful to the thin protective membrane of your teeth. This will keep your teeth white and prevent the formation of plaque.

3. When you eat strawberries, the hydroxy-malonic acid content in them has the potential to bleach your teeth. It can also help your mouth secrete saliva that is needed to keep your teeth neat and free of germs that can cause decay.

So when you eat strawberries after your meal, the debris from your meal won’t stick to your teeth.

4. When you eat pineapple, the bromelain in it helps fade discoloration on the thin membrane of your teeth. The thin membranes of our teeth are what protect our teeth from discoloration.

However, when we eat, the coloring materials in the food we eat can cause discoloration of our teeth. If bacteria attack your teeth, they will stick to the thin membrane of your teeth. Incase you missed, it might interest you to read Megawati Sukarnoputri under fire for remarks on meatball vendor, ethnic cleansing in West Papua

The accumulation of this bacteria is what causes damage and stains on the teeth. You can eat some pineapple after your meal to keep your teeth whiter and prevent any discoloration.

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