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4 Reasons Why A Woman May Not Get Pregnant

by toffee_plug

Are you aware that there are certain reasons why a woman may not get pregnant even during constant copulation? There are numerous factors that should be considered, some people just believe or think that once they get married, they will copulate once and then children would fill the house.

This is not how it’s done or how it happens in reality. Some women deal with infertility or difficultly getting pregnant due to some common reasons and some due to serious reasons.

But in all, the article is going to be analyzing some of the reasons why a woman may not get pregnant. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

1. Not Trying Enough; getting pregnant involves constant copulation. There is no way you can conceive when you don’t indulge in intimacy very regularly. According to research, some people try for upto 6 months before getting pregnant, it doesn’t just happen automatically once you have intimacy with your lover. Sometimes, it can get delayed a bit but shouldn’t exceed a year; if it does, do well to see a doctor for fertility tests.

2. Anovulation; this has to do with a woman not ovulating. For human conception to take place, there is need for the egg and the sperm cells. If for any reason you are not ovulating as a woman, then it may be the reason you have not conceived. There are various reason for anovulation and they are as follows;

i. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Ii. Thyroid dysfunction

4 Reasons Why A Woman May Not Get Pregnant

III. Underweight

Iv. Primary ovarian insufficiency.

3. Age Related Infertility; age plays a very significant role in the fertility of a woman. Reason being that every woman is born with all the eggs she can have and by age 35, most of the eggs must have died and as such, a woman may experience more difficulty getting pregnant after age 35 because the egg quality and quantity has dropped significantly and also if your partner is more than 40 years of age, it could also be far more difficult for you to conceive.

4. Endometriosis; this is a health condition that arises when endometrium like tissue grows in several places outside of the uterus. Research has shown that more than 50% of women who are suffering from endometriosis have difficulties conceiving.

Some of the signs of this problem are; pelvic pain, overly painful menstruation etc. Though not every woman suffering from endometriosis would have symptoms, so there is need to go for checkup if after trying for 1 year, you are unable to conceive.

4 Reasons Why A Woman May Not Get Pregnant

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