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Abbie Eaton Cause of Accident, Injuries, Family, Partner, Wiki, Age, Jessica Hawkins

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In 2022, Abbie Eaton returned to the team. Then, in October 2021, she was involved in an accident.

Participating in The W series race that was hosted in France was a challenging route to reach for the racing driver. Because of a back injury, she was hospitalized and confined to a hospital bed. In spite of her illness, she didn’t let it slow her down, and she finished the season strong enough to compete in 2022.


Abbie Eaton’s road to rehabilitation was far from smooth. She was involved in an accident at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, in October 2021.

She suffered a broken back after being involved in a tragic accident while attempting to cross one of the circuit’s iconic sausage kerbs. Her injury was so severe that she had to undergo basic therapy and take time off from racing.

Because of this, she decided to move in with her parents, who provided her with 24/7 support and care. She couldn’t stay up long enough to eat because of the pain she was experiencing at the moment. For her neck and back braces, the consultant warned her that she would have to wear both at once, which she admitted to crying about, as reported by BBC.

When she was finally allowed to begin the long process of recuperation, she gave it everything she had. To drive again and compete again was all she wanted. A kilo at a time was the most amount of weight she could lift while wearing the brace.

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Physiotherapy was the next major hurdle for her to overcome, as she had to undertake it without the brace. In addition, she needed to increase her self-confidence and believe that the discomfort she was experiencing was good and not harmful.

Abbie Eaton was out for the majority of last season because of a back injury. The good news is that she has already recovered and will be ready to compete in the upcoming season in 2022.


The concern of not being able to compete this season kept her going and she persevered through the rehabilitation period.

Abbie Eaton joins a family with a long racing tradition. With her pets by her side, she makes her home in Northampton, England.

Paul Eaton, a former race car driver, raised her as his own. Age 10 she started racing, and by the time she was 15, she was competing nationally.

First adult racing event: Production Touring Car Championship, 2009; she won 15 of the 18 races she competed in. Once she had won the MX5 Super Cup Championship,

Aged 17, she came out as a lesbian. She is dating British racing driver Jessica Hawkins.

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She represents Racing Pride as a Driver Ambassador. LGBT rights organizations work with the racing industry and its corporate and technology partners to encourage diversity in the sport.


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