APC accuses Jonathan of condoning terrorism, says Buhari is blameless
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APC accuses Jonathan of condoning terrorism, says Buhari is blameless

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According to the All Progressives Congress, it would be wrong to call President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.) a failure for failing to address the country’s security issues.

APC accuses Jonathan, STECHITEGIST

The ruling party said that President Goodluck Jonathan’s recent administration was accountable for tolerating insurgency and banditry until it reached a full-blown stage.

The Peoples Democratic Party was also accused by the APC of being insensitive for inciting other opposition figures to revolt against the President over what ought to be a shared fight against terrorism.

Senators who were angry with the President had threatened to impeach him because of the growing insecurity that was destroying the nation.

The minority caucus, who are in the opposition, gave the president a six-week deadline to address the security crisis or face impeachment proceedings shortly after they staged a walkout during a plenary.

The threat was made in response to reports of shootings and assaults on security personnel in various areas of the Federal Capital Territory, which prompted officials to close schools so that students wouldn’t be exposed to attacks.

The Presidency called the opposition senators’ behavior “babyish” and advised them to use their time more wisely in a statement released by the President’s spokesperson, Garba Shehu.

Shehu’s stance on the subject was reiterated in a phone conversation with APC National Publicity Secretary Felix Morka, who referred to the possibility of impeaching the president as a significant distraction.

According to Morka, Jonathan was to blame for not taking decisive action to put an end to the insurgency while it was still in its incubation phase.

He declared, “It was the same Jonathan administration that nurtured Boko Haram until it was ready to wage war. Many of the individuals in that party ought to have their faces covered by this point.

“Once more, I don’t mean to imply that everything is fine. Clearly, there is a lot of important work that needs to be done. His task will be done by this government.

Can the National Assembly remove Buhari from office?
While claiming that the threat to impeach the President serves as a significant diversion from the real problem the nation is now facing, Morka also pointed out that removing Buhari will neither eliminate terrorism or the ongoing problem of insecurity.

“These elements are making an unjustified and unwarranted attack on our people and our freedom. The PDP would have removed the president long ago, when they were in power, if it were that easy to do so and it would have addressed every problem in Nigeria.

If Jonathan had not been ousted in the election, he would not have survived the assault. The same people and party who are behind many of the issues we are discussing now were in power.

“I haven’t heard them come out clearly and forcefully to denounce the activities of these terrorists and those who harm our citizens. As a minority caucus, their first resolution ought to be to deliver the message that “We stand with Nigerians.” Then denounce and reject this.

“I also believe that to witness what Nigerians are going through right now is incredibly callous. Because of what is happening right now, I suggested that seeking to impeach Buhari would be a tremendous distraction and oversimplification of the issue.

According to the APC image maker, the problem of insecurity is a worldwide one that is not exclusive to Nigeria.

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This problem we’re talking occurs all throughout the world, Morka stated. Political opposition and the ruling party join together to denounce those who commit acts of violence or terrorism against citizens of nations other than Nigeria. They carry out that.

“If you don’t do it, it’s like siding with the terrorists rather than the people who are being targeted by terror: your own people. It is unacceptable that such a significant threat to our national security has been politicized in this way.

“Even if terrorists continue to prowl the streets, lurk in the shadows, and assault our troops, these are our citizens who are engaged in combat to protect our freedom and lives. Where is the compassion for them, even for our law enforcement and security personnel who are battling them head-on?

“I believe that the minority caucus’ event is only a significant diversion. This administration is still dedicated to eradicating insecurity. The work and sacrifices made by the Nigerian Army, which is made up of Nigerians, will continue to keep the nation safe. It might interest you to read Reactions As Buhari orders N1.4 billion to buy vehicles for Niger Republic

APC accuses Jonathan, STECHITEGIST

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