Atiku lodged us in a Kaduna hotel to write Abiola-VP Okechukwu's speech
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Atiku lodged us in a Kaduna hotel to write Abiola-VP Okechukwu’s speech

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In an interview on Arise TV’s Morning Show, the director general of Voice of Nigeria, Osita Okechukwu, urges Nigerians to vote competently in the 2023 elections rather than based on their beliefs or ethnicity. He claims that the APC candidate offers the best chance for the nation to overcome its problems.

“Let me begin by stating that, in my opinion, the Muslim Muslim ticket should not be overly dramaticized or become the front-runner for the 2023 presidential election.

The more of us who can set our differences aside to focus on the problems facing the country, and I go ahead and refute spin doctors’ claims, the better. The people who benefit by this breach of the same faith will be PDP.

They are aware that His Excellency Atiku Abubakar has violated the rotational norm, according to which those from the south and those from the north anticipate a change in power when another Northerner has served eight years on the north side.

“I was one of those in 1993, or rather, one of those close to His Excellency. We were staying in a hotel, and our task was to draft a speech for His Excellency in the event that he accepts MKO Abiola’s nomination for vice president. A few days later, we met with him, and he informed us that he was heading to Lagos to be nominated.

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However, word spread that Abiola had selected Kingibe as Ambassador. In Atiku’s life, that was akin to a time of grief. Some of us who were staying at the hotel that evening were upset because when the hotel proprietors came by, nobody had paid for the night for us and they advised us to check out so he wouldn’t claim that this conversion was insignificant or shallow. He wasn’t, in my opinion, really fair.

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