Cameroonian monarchs laments over farms destroyed by lions from Nigerian parks
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Cameroonian monarchs laments over farms destroyed by lions from Nigerian parks

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Monarchs from Cameroon who reside close to Taraba state’s Gashaka-Gumti National Park have expressed concern that wild herbivorous animals like elephants are entering Nigeria across its borders and destroying their crops.

They added that whenever the Cameroonians complain or kill their wildlife, Nigerian rangers attack them. They claimed that carnivorous animals like lions also attack their farm animals, including the cattle and sheep that are raised nearby.

Stechitegist Media gathered reports from voice of Africa on Friday that “following a flurry of human-wildlife conflict, the traditional authorities in Cameroon are pushing farmers to quit farming near Nigeria’s Gashaka-Gumti National Park.

Wildlife officials claim that animals from the largest park in Nigeria have started entering Cameroon to eat crops. Village chiefs claim that some farmers killed the animals that were under protection in response and were then detained by Nigerian rangers.

It said that due to wildlife damage to multiple maize fields, which devastated farmers, the communities on Cameroon’s northern border with Nigeria fear imminent starvation.

The people claim that the villages in Banyo, a commercial, agricultural, and cattle ranching district, Ngoum, Katarko, Mayo Foorou, and Mayo Lelewal, were most severely impacted by the disaster.

According to the bulletin, Mohaman Gabdo Yahya, a senator from Cameroon and the traditional chief of Banyo, brought up the invasion of wild animals from Nigeria in bordering Cameroonian villages on Thursday.

Yahya claims that during the past two months, animals from the Gashaka-Gumti National Park in Nigeria have been wreaking havoc in border villages in Cameroonia. According to him, elephants and primates destroy maize farms while lions from the park slaughter and consume lambs and animals.

Yahya claims he is pleading with irate citizens to remain calm because harassed Cameroonian farmers retaliate by killing wildlife from Nigeria’s Gashaka-Gumti National Park, according to VOA.

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He advised farmers and cattle ranchers to avoid expanding their agricultural holdings into the lush Cameroonian terrain surrounding the park and to instead move back to the areas where they had previously been farming or ranching.

According to Cameroonian wildlife officials, July was a time of harvest, and the yields drew animals from Nigeria’s park.

Villagers claimed that several animals were killed. Wildlife authorities confirm that animals were killed, but they deny knowing how many.

Traditional leaders in Banyo who visited the affected communities claimed that some Cameroonians had been detained for animal killing by Nigerian rangers.

Traditional chief of Gashaka in Nigeria’s Taraba state, Zubairu Haman Gabdo Mohamadou Sambo, claimed that since July, Nigerian army have helped rangers keep calm in the area surrounding the national park.

“Our people always live in peace and harmony even if there are Nigerian army bases nearby. Speaking through a messaging app from Gashaka, he said, “We constantly try to promote peaceful cohabitation, especially at the border community.

The conflict between humans and wildlife along the border has occurred before. The government of Cameroon stated in 2020 that crops had been ruined and seven Cameroonians had been killed by lions and elephants from Gashaka-Gumti. According to the wildlife ministry of the West African nation of Cameroon, locals retaliated by attacking and butchering some elephants.

The Gashaka-Gumti National Park, which covers an area of about 6,500 square kilometers, is thought to be Nigeria’s biggest game reserve.

Wildlife officials from Cameroon and Nigeria claim that increasing human activity in the park, including as poaching, illegal grazing, mining, fishing, farming, and logging, has resulted in recurrent clashes between people and wildlife. It might interest you to read Nigeria’s Foremost Investigative and Controversial Journalist David Hundeyin Makes Shocking Revelation about Nigeria Banks

Cameroon monarchs laments over farm destroyed by lions from Nigeria, STECHITEGIST

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