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Check Out These 3 Male Animals That Give Birth Instead of Females

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The female is typically in charge of taking care of the children in practically every species on Earth. Pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for the young until they are old enough to leave the nest on their own are all included in this. Three acknowledged exceptions to this exist, though.

1. Male seahorse


According to, males become pregnant in a reproductive role reversal that only occurs in seahorses and other members of the family Syngnathidae. The female seahorse can lay up to 1,500 eggs in the male’s pouch during mating. The seahorses hatch completely developed but quite small after 9 to 45 days in the male’s womb. Following the discharge of the young into the water, the male will frequently mate once more within a few hours or days throughout mating season.

The female seahorse only needs to lay the eggs and move them to the pouch, which takes 5–10 seconds. During that time, the sperm must also enter the pouch because, when the eggs are transferred, the pouch shuts and is sealed.

2. Sea Dragons


Male sea dragons bear the young, just like sea horses do. Male sea dragons have a spongy brood patch on the underside of their tails where ladies lay their bright pink eggs during mating in place of a pouch like sea horses.

3. Pipefish


Similar to seahorses, pipefishes delegate most parental responsibilities to the male, who also takes care of the young postzygotically by acting as a placenta-like connection that supplies them with nourishment and oxygen. The male’s brood pouch is where the female deposits her eggs, where they are fertilized. The eggs are hatched after around two weeks of the male’s incubation. Then he throws a cloud of small, fully developed pipefish into the water from his pouch.


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