#CopeBriefing: Watch Full Video As Cope Members Fight Dirty During Media Meeting
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#CopeBriefing: Watch Full Video As Cope Members Fight Dirty During Media Meeting

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At a news conference where suspended Cope president Mosiuoa Lekota spoke, fighting breaks out. Lekota has no right to address them, claim unidentified individuals posing as Cope leaders.

Cope member fight during cope briefing, STECHITEGIST

Lekota was dividing the party and lacking in vitality as a result of his precarious health, according to the Congress National Committee (CNC), which was one of the justifications offered.

Lekota was thought to have intended to inform those who had suspended him of their decision by claiming he was not frail.

When a group of anonymous, obviously angry men wearing Cope t-shirts came inside the briefing, punches and microphones flew in all directions until some attendees managed to break up the fight.

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Lekota’s decision to speak at the news conference was questioned by the unhappy party members, who identified themselves as members of Cope’s youth league.

Lekota froze moments after the storming in, his face startled, eyes lit, and mouth gaping, but as he regained consciousness, he rose up.

Cope member fight during cope briefing, STECHITEGIST

While some members were fighting at the time and cries could be heard, other members, despite being baffled, intervened and pleaded for quiet. There was another voice telling them to phone the police.

One man yelled, “You have no right to hold this press conference.”

This is my father, these people beat up my father, yelled an unidentified man who was not wearing Cope regalia.

Lekota and other attendees were informed by Gauteng Cope acting general secretary Mxolisi Ntombela that Lekota had no right to speak at the briefing since it was intended to split and demolish the party.

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Lekota informed the media prior to the uproar that he would not be entering the afterlife.

He declared, “I’m not going to the grave. Sorry, I won’t be going to the grave. The party’s factionalism recently played out in the open for a few days, Stechitegist Media reports.

On Monday night, the committee called a special meeting to discuss a number of serious matters that, in its opinion, needed to be resolved right now or else they would undermine the party.

He holds frequent meetings to create rival structures within Cope, which are designed to organize and compete with one another rather than to develop and unify the party.

“He supports and encourages the actions that Cope was founded to oppose. These behaviors include corruption and the ouster of elected officials like council members.

His inability to lead the party at the present is something that the Cope national leadership repeatedly asked him to address. On each of those occasions, he agreed, but he didn’t follow through.

According to the committee, he is unable to carry out what his party and all South Africans want him to do, which is to attend to Parliament’s business.

The committee said that it has chosen Mzwandile Hleko to serve as acting general secretary and Ntsikelelo April to serve as acting deputy general secretary to fill the open positions.

Watch the Video below:

Cope member fight during cope briefing, STECHITEGIST

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