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Corinna Kopf Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Tattoo, Net Worth, Twitter, Pouty Girl

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The popular American influencer and streamer Corinna Kopf is known online as “Pouty Girl” on social media. The 26-year-old has made frequent appearances in the vlogs of YouTube sensation David Dobrik, which has helped her fast establish her brand identification.

Despite her fame and success, Corinna hasn’t always received positive feedback from users of social media. She was once criticized for her friendship with David Dobrik.


The majority of us are aware of the significant charges against David and his Vlog Squad for sexual assault and other felonies, yet Corinna continued to be friends with Dobrik.

Corinna Kopf’s body is covered in tattoos all over. Additionally, she has a J.NASH tattooed inside her lower lip. According to the sources, Corinna got Jason Nash this tattoo as a gift. She got this tattoo on her body on January 31, 2017.

Kopf had herself tattooed to pay homage to her humbler German roots. She posted a picture of her tattoo on Twitter along with a statement that had a few flag-related emojis. On her neck, she has the tattoo “Ich liebe dich,” which means “I love you.”

The words “you are strong, I love you” were permanently inked on Corinna’s left foot in memory of her brother Christopher R. Baker, who committed suicide by hanging on January 10, 2007.


The initial “K” is inked on her left ankle. She got this tattoo in 2018 as a tribute to one of Corinna’s best friends, Keren Swanson. In December of the previous year, Corinna had her eyebrows tattooed (microblading).

Corinna had an arrow tattoo in November 2018 from Joshua, a tattoo artist from Orlando. The meanings associated with arrow tattoos include strength, success, guidance, and the path.

In a video he posted on TikTok on July 1, 2022, David Dobrik exposed Corinna Kopf’s outrageous OnlyFans earnings. Actually, Kopf has a huge social media following that helps her OnlyFans channel.

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The influencer created a video to demonstrate how much money she has recently earned thanks to the app. He continued by encouraging viewers to “buckle in” as she presented her OnlyFans monthly earnings from June 2021 through February 2022.

The internet sensation made an average of $10.8 million, or $1.2 million per month, from June 2021 (the month Corinna established her OnlyFans) through February 2022. Her highest monthly earnings were $2.4 million in June 2021, but they gradually declined.

Between March 2022 till the present, David suppressed information about her earnings from OnlyFans, but we may conclude that it was at least several hundred thousand dollars per month. Even though Corinna’s line of work isn’t for everyone, her tenacity deserves praise.

Toddy Smith, Corrina Kopf’s longtime boyfriend, took her in 2021. On whether they are still dating, though, there is no information.

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