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David Dangle Full Biography, Partner, Sam, Age, Wiki, Birthday, Net Worth

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The official jewelry and clothing line, Joan Rivers Classics, was started by the three-time Emmy Award-winning fashion designer David Dangle, the adored husband of Sam Dangle Byrd.

Dangle is a host and fashion designer for QVC. David has always been Joan’s right hand from a professional standpoint, and they collaborate on all decisions. He strives to realize the goals of the partnership in his capacity as CEO of the apparel brand Joan Rivers Worldwide.

David is married to Sam Dangle Byrd. Sam has posted on his social media platform about their experiences and memories. On March 26, he said, “On this lovely guy’s birthday 36 years ago, I met him. Continuing to steal kisses.

David’s spouse wished him a happy birthday on March 29, 2021, and posted the message, “Happy birthday to my handsome as hell husband @daviddangle.” On this day 35 years ago, we first met. Amazing ride. I adore you, honey, and Gus as well.


For his collection and sense of style, David collaborates with Joan Rivers. On her special day, he wished the fashionista a happy birthday and wrote, “Today would have been my dear friend Joan’s 89th birthday!” Not a day passes. I don’t remember the wonderful times we had together, he continued. Joan, I’m grateful.

The designer talked about fashion night today at 7 o’clock. I suppose I need to slide that halo over, he pinned. The show tonight has two fantastic designs! Later in the show, I’ll be with Shawn Killinger QVC after I’ve spent some time with Amy Stran QVC.

Dangle posted about his friendship with Sam on Instagram. Sam shared a love photo with their 35-year partnership on June 25, 2021, to continue the conversation.

Dangle also mentioned his dog as a companion and spent precious time with him. He spent summer Sundays with his son Gus as well. The fashion designer frequently shared social media posts with his teammate Joan.

Dangle is currently worried about his life in order to advance his career. On his social forum, he appeared to provide his design advice and concepts. He was very interested in the design of theater, television, and clothing.

David is the creator of Joan Rivers Classics, a retail store that carries an official line of jewelry and clothing that are inspired by Joan’s legacy of impeccable taste and fashion. He earned husky money through his line of work. And his collection could be worth a million dollars.


Dangle also established the trends, built his expertise in art direction, and knew the relevant figures. Insiders in the fashion industry, stylists, designers, magazine editors, photographers, and celebrities are all familiar with him.

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Dangle collaborates with well-known people like Joan Rivers. He values Joan’s aesthetic sense and enthusiasm for beautiful things in the growth of his company. They have spent more than 25 years collaborating on the demanding collection.


On QVC, the Joan Rivers Classics Collection is a popular fashion line. After putting a lot of effort into their collection, Joan and David were rewarded with laughs.


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