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Debbie Collier Bio-Wiki, Age, Suspect, Missing, Death, Police Report

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Debbie Collier,

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Burns could be seen on Debbie Collier’s belly when she was found by the authorities on September 11, a day after her daughter and husband had reported that she had gone missing.


Debbie Collier was 59 years old.


The body of Debbie Collier, Georgia’s mother, was found by authorities naked and partially burned at the bottom of a steep embankment, according to the police report on her killing. The report also states that Debbie’s body was found in a remote location.

PEOPLE was able to obtain a copy of the incident report regarding the search for Deborah Collier, an Athens resident who was reported missing on September 10 by both her husband and her adult daughter. Collier was 59 years old at the time of her disappearance.

After the daughter got a frightening note from her mother as part of a roughly $2,400 Venmo transfer, both she and her mother expressed their alarm.

When Collier’s body was discovered the following day in a wooded area in Habersham County, Georgia, the investigation into her disappearance was upgraded to one into possible homicide. The previous day, Collier had texted her daughter, “They are not going to let me go, love you.”

The location where the body of Collier was found is approximately an hour’s drive from Athens.

According to the report that was filed by the police, Collier’s body was discovered with her “right hand still gripping a tiny tree” near the base of an embankment.

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According to the report, officers located the remnants of a fire nearby. The report also notes that the remains of Collier were “apparently burned with what appeared to be charring to her abdomen.”

The law enforcement officers came upon a blue tarp before to finding Collier’s dead body. Additionally, a portion of it was torched.

According to the story, the law enforcement authorities who came across her were able to recognise her right away as the mother who had gone missing.

In addition, the report states that further pieces of evidence were retrieved from the scene; however, it does not describe what those pieces of evidence were.

On September 9, the last time anyone saw Collier leave her house, she was carrying only her driver’s licence and her bank card.

Her daughter called her mother’s phone on multiple occasions, but Collier never picked up the call. When the authorities attempted to call her, their call was immediately forwarded to her voicemail.

Carriage House Realty in Athens was Collier’s employer for many years, and he served as the front office manager there.

The manner in which Collier passed away has been revealed by the investigators who were looking into her passing.

No arrests have been made, and the authorities have not yet commented on any suspected persons of interest or prospective suspects in the investigation.


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