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Drug traffickers’ Félix and Bernabé admit vital information in a viral video, and now are dead

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Since their videos originally went viral, Félix and Bernabé have risen to the top of the list of topics that people seek for online. The video has drawn a lot of attention because it has gained popularity across many platforms. At the start of the video, two guys identify themselves as Felix Gamez Garcia and Felix’s uncle Bernabe Gamez Castro. Felix was shown in the media publicly confessing to bringing drugs into the US. He claimed that it was his duty to list it as a member of the Sinaloa-based cartel.

Two armed guys are said to have shocked the men as they were relaxing outside the adobe room. Felix and Bernabe could be seen sitting in the six-minute video wearing only their jeans and no shirt. Bernabe claimed that the Sinaloa cartel only paid them a dismal 300 pesos per hour, which was insufficient to cover their daily expenses. Before beheading the guys, the armed men listened to the men’s arguments. The chainsaw was witnessed being positioned right on the target by the shooters.

According to reports, the gunman brutally beheaded the uncle and his nephew, and a video of the atrocity is now becoming viral online. Everyone seems to be talking exclusively about the situation and expressing their disgust over it. The executioner may be seen cutting Felix’s torso and head apart in one of the tapes. Unlike Barnabas, Felix passed away gradually. The two people were then brutally killed, and the same incident has since drawn a lot of public attention.

Without a doubt, trying to get some quick cash always ends in disaster. It is therefore advised to stay away from it and concentrate on learning sustainable ways to make money via a lot of effort. This trend does not appear to be changing anytime soon because many people choose this route in order to get money and end up in various types of problems. People’s lives have frequently been lost in the drug industry. Additionally, this resulted in the deaths of Félix and Bernabé. Currently, there isn’t a lot of information available regarding the video on social media.

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Félix and Bernabé, STECHITEGIST

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