Earnie Shavers, American Boxer Cause of Death; Dies at 78
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Earnie Shavers, American Boxer Cause of Death; Dies at 78

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Earnie Shavers, STECHITEGIST

Earnie Shavers died on Thursday, a day after his 78th birthday. In the 1970s, when heavyweight boxing was at its best, he was known as the hardest puncher in the game. No one knows what caused death.

Shavers mostly fought during the 1970s, but he was in the ring from 1969 to 1995. He had a career record of 74-14-1 and knocked out 68 people.

For the heavyweight title, he fought both Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes. On September 29, 1977, at New York’s Madison Square Garden, he fought Ali for the title. Ali won by a unanimous decision after 15 rounds.

Before the fight, Ali called Shavers “The Acorn” because he had shaved his head bald. Ali had to fight a great 15th round to get the decision, and afterward, when talking about Shavers’ punching power, he said one of his best lines.

Ali said after the fight, “Earnie hit me so hard that it shook my family in Africa.”

During an appearance on “Late Night with David Letterman,” former heavyweight champion George Foreman said that Gerry Cooney, Ron Lyle, and Cleveland Williams were the fighters who hit him the hardest. When Letterman asked Foreman about Shavers, Foreman answered in a way that told a lot.

“Thank God I never fought Earnie Shavers,” Foreman said.

Shavers fought Holmes twice. The first time, on March 25, 1978, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, was not for a title. It was his first fight after losing to Ali. In that fight, Holmes beat Shavers by a 12-round decision. In his next fight, he beat Ken Norton to win the WBC title.

On September 28, 1979, Shavers and Holmes fought at Caesars for the WBC belt. In the seventh round, Shavers threw Holmes to the ground. Holmes stood up and stopped Shavers in the eleventh.

Holmes said after the fight that the punch Shavers used to knock him out was the hardest he had ever been hit.

At 6 feet tall and about 210 pounds, Shavers wasn’t very big for a heavyweight. In the game as it is now, he would be encouraged to compete at the 200-pound cruiserweight level.

But all of his peers feared him and often talked about how powerful he was.

Shavers tried to come back several times, but he was done for good when he was knocked out in the second round of a fight at age 48.

He was easygoing and liked to have fun. After he retired, he often showed up at big boxing events. Fans always wanted to take pictures with him and get his autograph, and he loved the attention.

On March 23, 1979, he knocked out Norton in the first round at what was then called the Las Vegas Hilton. This was by far the biggest win of his career. He also beat Jimmy Ellis and Jimmy Young, both of whom had been heavyweight champions.

In 1975, in Denver, he lost a shootout to Lyle. After that win, Lyle went on to fight Foreman, which was one of the best fights in boxing history. But Lyle knew which of the two was the stronger puncher.

Lyle told Shavers, “Hey, man, that was the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life.” “And George Foreman could punch, but no one could hit like Earnie Shavers did. The lights went out when he hit you. I can laugh about it now, but it wasn’t funny at the time.”

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Earnie Shavers, STECHITEGIST

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