Ekiti: I regret entering politics and won't run for office again - ADC candidate
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Ekiti: I regret entering politics and won’t run for office again – ADC candidate

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Following the outcome of the election, Wole Oluyede, the African Democratic Congress’ candidate for governor of Ekiti State, expressed sorrow for entering politics on Wednesday.

“I am not going to run again because I think any contest now is for the biggest bidder and I won’t waste my time and energy,” said Oluyede, a medical doctor living in Australia who claimed he had lost faith in the political process in Ekiti State.

The ADC candidate, who finished fourth, said that he refused to buy votes on election day, saying, “I have lost hope in the entire process in the state, it is a catastrophe. I didn’t purposefully pay for the votes of Ekiti citizens.

He said: “I can’t use my hard-earned resources to run around talking to people on why I should be elected and I will still need to buy people, security agencies and the Independent National Electoral Commission. It appears politics here does not mean the best will emerge,”

Oluyede declared that he will not contest the election’s results in court, claiming that doing so would be a waste of time given that the security agencies and electoral umpire were allegedly taken over by vote-buyers, making it simple and hassle-free to entice voters.

“The people of Ekiti have selected the leader they want by raising money to vote, and they should not complain in the future about not having access to basic necessities and social amenities,” he stated.

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The people of Ekiti are currently struggling since they were able to buy their conscience because of their poverty. That was the strategy the All Progressives Congress employed to win over a lot of people.

The fact that the populace is opposed to finding a solution to the poverty issue is more concerning. Because of this, despite the fact that we arrived with a plan to alleviate the poverty they were facing, they still expected us to purchase their votes before we could assist them. Even though the winner is not the best, he is the one the public expected.

It was agreed upon. Nobody can claim that they were forced to accept the incentive. Regarding Ekiti, I have gained fresh knowledge. If I had known, I never would have considered running for office or even becoming a politician.

Defending Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who is running for president of the APC, Oluyede stated, “I have not met Tinubu since 2018. I used my hard-earned money to run my political campaigns. I was a member of the South West Agenda for Tinubu 2023 team, which aided in his selection as the APC’s nominee for president. I contributed money to SWAGA.

However, APC governorship candidate and newly elected governor Biodun Oyebanji cleared himself and the party of any involvement in vote-buying, asserting that the party’s success in the election was based on the public’s confidence in it as a result of his manifesto and Governor Kayode Fayemi’s outstanding performance in office.

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Ekiti: I regret entering politics and won't run for office again - ADC candidate

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