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Everything About Artvangrow Biography, Racist, Viral Video, TikTok, Photos, Age

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Despite the fact that not much is known about Amanda online, it seems like she is a 30-year-old lady. Amanda has more than 14,000 followers on her TikTok account.

She uploaded the footage online in an effort to garner pity from her followers. Some people viewed the full video and criticized Amanda for acting inappropriately and treating the workers cruelly, despite the fact that she had some fans. The two people were Hansen and Jamie, whom Amanda apparently requested to return to their initial employment after being fired.

The dispute is said to have started when the employee denied Amanda’s request for an influencer discount because there wasn’t one available at the time.

She’s well-known for her TikTok videos, where she uses the name Amanda instead of artvangrow as her user name. Employees at Home Depot were recently fired by her due to their rude behavior. While the woman was conversing with the staff members inside the home depot, the accusations were made.

After that, Amanda had a conversation with the two employees she had accused of acting inappropriately with her, which resulted in their departure from their jobs. Since viewers could see another video in which the employee was genuinely speaking quietly with her, the video Amanda published of herself addressing the argument and how the employee had acted with her was a fiction. Later, she uploaded a video.


The staff were subjected to hate speech and insults from her, most of which were disparaging. In the video’s comment area, where it received a lot of negative feedback, people began mocking Amanda for her nasty behavior against the employees.

Amanda instructed the personnel to go back to their old roles to cease acting racist. After the video became popular online and people started to pay attention to it, they started referring to Amanda as Karen in her comment area. She was ridiculed for talking rudely to the males.

A staff member had apologized to Amanda while she was leaving the store and sitting in her car, it was later discovered. Without communicating or making an attempt to diffuse the situation, she started recording a video and posted it online. Additionally, she is heard on the tape responding impolitely to a worker who, based on her demeanor and how she interacts with Amanda, looks sincere.


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