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Everything About Diana Tamayo from The Bling Ring: Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Charges, Arrest

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Diana Tamayo was one of seven people charged with stealing more than $3 million in merchandise from the homes of young Hollywood stars such as Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Orlando Bloom. They allegedly used the internet and Hollywood star maps to locate celebrities’ homes and then used their schedules to select the best time to rob them.

Netflix will release a three-part documentary titled The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist on September 21, 2022, recreating the antics of these cunning Hollywood burglars and featuring first-person stories from a couple of the Bling Ring members. Even with the prevalence of social media, some Bling Ring members are nearly impossible to track down; Courtney Ames has all but vanished from public view.

Where is Diana Tamayo from The Bling Ring Today?

Diana Tamayo, who entered a not guilty plea, was sentenced to probation and community service for her involvement in the Bling Ring activities, according to sources. She was afraid of being expelled because of her misdeeds. Nick Prugo testified that Diana Tamayo was once hired to enter a celebrity home “via a dog door” due to her small stature (via The New York Times.)

According to the Daily News, the alleged burglar’s defense team previously stated that Tamayo’s family would face “immigration consequences” if she did not admit to being involved in the break-in at Lindsay Lohan’s house. Her most recent statement, which she provided to The Daily Beast in 2013, both celebrated and respectfully requested some solitude. Diana is a happy married nutritionist/personal trainer who has found a strong faith.

The Seven Bling Ring Members

She wishes to continue living her life away from the spotlight. Since their arrests in 2010, the youths and young adults in their twenties have been the subject of a few documentaries and films. According to police records, Rachel Lee was dismissed as the crew’s suspected ringleader at the time all seven suspects pleaded not guilty. According to sources, every member of the infamous gang served their prison sentences.

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Facts About Diana Tamayo

Diana had already been arrested for shoplifting before joining the Bling Ring. Tamayo stood out among the other female fighters in the ring. Her family and she lived in one of the few apartment complexes in nearby Calabasas. She was class president in 2008, just a few months before she and her classmates Rachel Lee and Nick Prugo broke into a celebrity’s home for the first time.

In 2007, she was also named “best smile” in the Indian Hills yearbook. The Bling Ring, a film directed by Sofia Coppola, is based on a Vanity Fair article about Tamayo and her fellow young criminals published in 2010. However, Tomayo’s experience is not mentioned in the film. Rachel Lee, Nick Prugo, and Diana Tamayo were accused of robbing Lindsay Lohan of her Hollywood Hills Spanish-style home on August 23, 2009.


Nearly $130,000 in jewelry and clothing was stolen. Officers discovered Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton bags, Paris Hilton-branded perfume, and four pairs of luxury shoes when they searched her former residence, a modest rental apartment next to the freeway 15 minutes west of Calabasas, according to a search warrant.

When a reporter arrived to interview her, Ms. Tamayo declined. Diana was 19 years old, according to the New York Times in 2009. So, by a simple calculation, she could be 32 years old right now.

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