Everything About Hazen Audel: Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Travel Memory, Net Worth
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Everything About Hazen Audel: Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Travel Memory, Net Worth

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Hazen Audel is a presenter for National Geographic, an artist, and an adventurer who works for a living.

Audel is an artist who is known for his series Primal Survivor for National Geographic. In his program, he showed how hard it is to live as an indigenous person. Audel had worked with the channel before to make a movie about what it was like to live with a Native American tribe.

Audel is a teacher who taught biology and art at Joel E. Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington, for 11 years. He just finished high school and wants to go to the rainforest when he is 19. His interest has led him to do things that have been hard for him.

Also, Audel is known for having a lot of energy that is contagious. The reality star has been traveling the world for more than 20 years and has done many unusual things, like hunting for crocodile eggs in Papua New Guinea, spear-fishing in the Western Pacific Coral Islands, and herding reindeer in Norway.

Audel is a TV host, a biologist, and an artist who makes history guides. He is also a skilled worker. After the success of Survive the Tribe, he lived with and worked with native people in the National Geographic Channel series Primal Survivor and the book of the same name.


Also, the experienced traveler told his story of his journey in faraway parts of the world. He was born in Spokane, Washington, Hazen, United States, and grew up there. On January 25, 2022, he will be 48 years old. The presenter is a member of the Kootenai and Salish tribes

However, he is of Greek descent. Audel started the classroom, which is a free web series for teachers and students that has good videos about natural history. The Wild Classroom was about how experiences can be used at school and at home.

Celebsmoney says that Audel has a net worth of between $100,000 and $1 million. He is a well-known reality star, Survivalist, and biologist. In 2014, the TV show Survive the Tribe on the National Geographic channel made him a big name. In 2016, he began being the host of the show Primal Survivor.

When he was young, he saved money, sold his bikes and fish tanks, and used the money to buy plane tickets to the rainforest. He had $200 left over, so he went to Ecuador to start his journey and follow his dream.

Audel has also been a part of the Untamed Science YouTube Channel in the past. The American adventurer was praised for his series, which has been running since he arrived in 2016. On the platform, he wrote about his trips to small towns and shared what life was like there.

Audel seemed more sure about how beautiful nature was than about how to find a wife. He told his partner about his journey, his trips, and the photos he took on his social platform. On January 9, 2022, the guide told the group about his trip back to the land where his grandmother grew up.

Audel showed the picture of where his great-grandmother and all of his family’s stories began. His life has become very focused on Indigenous cultures all over the world. But the place where his family raised him is right around the world.

In the place where his grandmother was born, he gets to see the culture and way of life firsthand. Also, it blows his mind every day how he sees the world. In early January, he had three nights of dancing and singing.

Even the adventurer said that his ancestors had improved the paths through the mountains, forests, and finally the plains, where the buffalo were waiting for their annual gathering with the help of other tribes.

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