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Everything About Sandy Fernandez: Biography, Wiki, Instagram, Assault

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Sandy Fernandez, a 19-year-old mother, is suspected of beating her child, causing severe internal injuries that led to an infection, shattering his jaw and cracking his skull.

Court records show that on May 23, Fernandez called 911 dispatch to report that her son was not breathing and not responding. Detectives questioned them on the bruises she claimed not to have seen on May 26.

However, Fernandez admitted to the murder after the June 22 delivery of the autopsy results, which revealed that Jose had an internal hemorrhage, a broken jaw, and a cracked skull at the moment of death, according to The Seattle Times.

She claimed that when her child first fell unwell, she smashed him to the ground because she was stressed out from being overworked and wished he would go back to sleep.

Sandy Fernandez was residing in a Kent motel with her infant, Jose, and her new partner. The child’s bed was a blanket spread out on a hardwood floor.

Jose’s grandparents, Shaun Earl and Jaime Bentley, assert that they were unaware of the potential of their grandson’s ex-partner. When they learned of their grandchild’s passing, they were terrified and devastated.


Fernandez allegedly confessed to punching Jose twice in the abdomen while being questioned, according to the prosecution. She also talked about how she had been more stressed out after leaving her mother’s house. She admitted to the authorities that her only desire was to strangle her child.

She therefore attacked him multiple times. She is accused of killing her kid in the second degree.

On July 28, she was taken into custody by authorities. She continues to be detained in lieu of a $1 million bond. At her arraignment on August 11th.

After her child died, Sandy Fernandez allegedly created Gofundme. On her Facebook page, where she had previously posted about the child’s injuries and sought assistance from other mothers, she allegedly provided a link to the fundraisers and arranged them, according to several online users.

Her friend, who had aided her numerous times prior to believing she was in difficulty, described how repulsed she was to discover the truth. On the internet, some have also expressed how horrible they find it to witness a mother killing her own child.

She allegedly attempted to conceal her crime by fabricating her version of events on Facebook. Social media users are outraged and want the accused to be prosecuted as quickly as possible.

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