FACT-CHECK: Is Dan Katz (Big Cat) Truly Leaving Barstool In 2022?
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FACT-CHECK: Is Dan Katz (Big Cat) Truly Leaving Barstool In 2022?

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Dan Katz, often known as Big Cat, was ranked as the best sports media talent under 40 in 2017. He is 37 years old right now.

His work at Barstool is what made him most famous. It is a blog website that publishes material on pop culture and sports. The Pardon My Take podcast, with an episode average of 1.5 million listeners, is co-hosted by him. A component of Barstool is the podcast.

According to supporters, Big Cat will leave Barstool in 2022. In addition, he has been a member of the team for about ten years.

Big Cat leaving the business has been rumored ever since Coley Mick announced his resignation. Fans are concerned that additional anchors would depart shortly after his abrupt decision to leave the organization, where he worked for 12 years.

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There are rumors that Big Cat of Barstool will depart in 2022. Just two days after Coley Mick announced his resignation, the words started to spread online.

Although Coley did not give a reason for leaving, his viewers were disappointed to hear the news. They had voiced their regret at losing him.

Fans, on the other hand, are worried since their favorite Barstool co-hosts have been quitting one by one. Ellie Schnitt, Trill Withers, and Jarred Carabbis were a few famous employees who left the organization. Coley has already resigned, too.

Some believe Big Cat will shortly announce his departure in light of this. He hasn’t spoken or addressed this matter, though.

On Twitter, Big Cat has 1.5 million followers. His birth name is also included in the bio. Fans do nonetheless frequently refer to him by such moniker.

He is one of the people from Barstool who is most followed on social media. On Instagram, he has more than 700k followers. According to some accounts, he has amassed a fortune of almost $2 million.

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Pardon My Take, his popular comic sports podcast, is well-liked. Pardon My Take was rated one of the top podcasts by Apple in the year of its launch, 2016, which was. Additionally, in 2018 it was the 14th-most downloaded podcast on iTunes.


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