FACT-CHECK: Is Rauw Alejandro Truly Dead or Alive?
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FACT-CHECK: Is Rauw Alejandro Truly Dead or Alive?

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Twitter users worried about Rauw Alejandro death reports. They hope it’s fake.

Falsified Wikipedia information on the Puerto Rican musician and rapper has recently gone viral. It says he died in 2022.
Google announced Rauw Alejandro’s death, causing an internet outrage. Google gives August 3, 2022 as his death date.

Rauw Alejandro, STECHITEGIST
Rauw Alejandro

There’s no online confirmation of his death. Twitter is perplexed and worried. Some wonder if he’s okay.

Internet information is false. Wikipedia is often the first source of online information.

Since Wikipedia is a wiki, anyone may edit pages and quickly improve material. Any Wikipedia editor is a Wikipedian.

No registration required. Small changes add up and improve Wikipedia for everyone. Someone may have changed his death date on Wikipedia to August 1, 2022.

Death hoax. He’s still alive.

He’s still alive. He’s living. He rarely uses social media, but he posted a music video four days ago.

The posting date is August 1. The caption claimed he’d meet supporters soon.

Someone may have changed his Wikipedia page. J Balvin, another Colombian rapper, was similarly targeted.

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia haven’t addressed the death reports. His partner shared a dancing IG video.

On social media, she hasn’t addressed the rapper. The rumors are false.

Rauw Alejandro, STECHITEGIST

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