Full Video As Lea Michele is beginning her Funny Girl era by reading a children's book on camera
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Full Video As Lea Michele is beginning her Funny Girl era by reading a children’s book on camera

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Uncountable scandals are currently dominating social networking sites, and almost every time, these controversy-related topics become the talk of the town. because a famous person enters the spotlight frequently while still being a hot topic of conversation.


Similar things recently happened to “Lea Michele” when she attended the event; her video is currently making quick rounds on social media while maintaining consistency in the spotlight while trending.

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According to the original reports or sources, the actress is being accused of being illiterate since she struggled to read the children’s book.

The entire episode was caught on camera because several participants had cameras in their hands and shared the video on social media.


That later, git spread like wildfire and people started sharing their perspectives. She was trying hard due to her well-dressed manner, but when it came to learning something she started stumbling, which was not the right thing for people who followed her.

As a result of her inability to learn even one thing, it is said that the peculiar second of the occasion became the pain in her throat. She may not have been able to see the traces clearly, but nonetheless, no one will accept the truth when the situation became out of hand as a result of the rumor’s spread.


The actress felt compelled to issue you with an announcement in which she wrote the message and begged people to stop talking about her in this way since it doesn’t look right. Since she posted the tweet, there has been a slight decline in circulation, but it has not yet been stopped.

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However, the video of the event has been taken down by the authorities from social networking sites since it was losing its interest without building a strong following or hurting anyone’s notoriety.

Watch the video below:


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