GET BOX UP VIDEO: Silk Boss speaks on assault, slaps received from two masked men
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GET BOX UP VIDEO: Silk Boss speaks on assault, slaps received from two masked men

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Dancehall artist Silk Boss shared extensive information of the violent beating he endured from two men on camera in an exclusive interview with prominent YouTube vlogger and his former manager, Terro Don.


Silk Boss told them over the phone that the attack happened around a month ago, and that the men who committed it are from Gregory Park, St. Catherine’s Gulf neighborhood. He claimed that the tape was made public this week in a fit of wrath born by badmind and jealously for his flourishing music career and way of life.

“Yuh si because they act in the way they do and I cut off every man dawg and don’t deal with anyone since they’ve already tarnished Silk Boss’ career,” said the speaker. He added, “a fly me and Brii a fly go to a Canada and mi nah link no man is a bay danger me receive and one a d threat dem.”

Silk Boss went on to say that Brii, his manager, and the mother of his child were also assaulted and shoved to the ground against their will. “No dawg down to me wife dem disrespect to brother, dem shub down all me kid mother a grung and some style dawg,” he added.

The singer of Surgery continued by revealing that the two masked men in the video were close friends of his, to the extent that he even helped them financially, used them in music videos, and invited them to his live performances. He further debunked the rumors by claiming that he declined to perform at a treat when requested by the local Don since, in his words, he was listed as performing on a poster without his knowledge while he was at the time in Canada.

According to Silk Boss, the attack took place on the same day that he revealed to one of the men his long-term financial goals of buying a BMW car. He claimed that before he met the man, he had been assaulted severely and robbed of roughly $1.4 million.


“Yeah, they robbed me, they stole the money I used to buy my car, bro,” he added.

The performer also added that Jahshii, a rival dancehall artist, was not involved in the attack and that people shouldn’t bring him up. Silk Boss retorted, “No Jahshii nah nth fi do wif dis bro, anyone call Jahshii name a wicked brother.

Overall, Silk Boss claims he is in a good mood and won’t let anything deter him from continuing on his musical path. He declared that this experience would only make him stronger and vowed to take something away from it.


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