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Gord Steinike: Biography, family, Wikipedia, Age, Career, Net-worth, Personal life, wife, Relationship, Retirement, Salary

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The former anchor for Global Edmonton, Steinke, is getting ready to think back on and cherish the moments he was unable to experience because of commitments.

The 63-year-old news industry veteran is excited to attempt new things in life that he was unable to do while engaged with his journalistic duties. He will leave the sector in August after 30 years in it.

Gord Steinke is getting ready to read the news live on television for the final time before he retires on Wednesday, three decades after starting his career as a television news anchor with Global Edmonton. Steinke claims that he was interested in journalism from a young age.

The Representation of Public Relations in the Media Journalist Gord Steinke’s name is nearly a byword for excellence when it comes to reporting and presentation. The News Hour on Worldwide Edmonton airs every weeknight at 6:00 o’clock, and Gord, Edmonton’s most popular news anchor, hosts it. The superb reporter was formerly employed as an Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the Edmonton Field Ambulance, a title bestowed upon him by the federal government.
He said they both launched their own newspaper at school since they both loved reading newspapers as kids. He asserted that his passion for the field, his love of conducting in-depth interviews, and his insatiable curiosity about the outside world all still exist today.

Many people complimented Gord for his excellent journalism career and for accomplishing the amazing accomplishment of remaining employed by the same company for 30 years. His wife Deb Steinke, who is also not an exception, lauded her husband for his writing abilities. Steinke claims that he and his wife intend to travel more and spend more time with their children in the future. He typically takes them places on his Harley-Davidson.

Gord has established himself as one of the top news show hosts in Canadian news stations history. Over time, he gathered a huge fan base and a substantial fortune.

Despite the fact that Gord’s income as a news anchor is usually assumed to be considerable, his financial information was never made available. His estimated net worth in 2022 will be around $1 million. The average gross compensation for a news anchor in Edmonton, Alberta, however, is more than $120,000, according to a Salary Expert survey.

has worked as an anchor for International Edmonton for more than three decades. For his efforts in the print, radio, and television industries, he has received pay. In addition, he published a book. The anchor has an astonishing amount of wealth—in the tens of thousands—as these instances demonstrate.

Gord is one of the most well-liked news anchors in the area in addition to being a skilled writer and an honors-winning journalist. The most watched newscast in Edmonton is co-anchored by Gord every weeknight at six on Global Edmonton for more than 30 years. Furthermore, he hosts Global News at Five.

In Saskatchewan, Gord started his broadcasting career after earning his bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications from the University of Regina. He worked in print journalism at first, then moved to Regina and began working as a television reporter and anchor. He then worked in radio.

The broadcaster never divulged anything about his private life to his fans on social media or in the media. Given his age, he might also have sons, daughters, or some grandchildren. The fact that Gord was given a major federal army honor ranks among his greatest achievements. The federal government conferred on him the title of Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of 15 Edmonton Field Ambulance.


The 41st Canadian Brigade Group contains the unit. Gord also most recently received the prestigious Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers from the Governor General of Canada, which honors outstanding voluntarism.

Gord Steinke wrote a book with the working title Mobsters and Rumrunners of Canada, which has achieved bestseller status. The history of Canada in the Roaring ’20s is covered in this book, as well as the interactions between American and Canadian criminals throughout the Prohibition era. In order to highlight the hidden gems and untold tales of the province, he debuted a series in the fall of 2006 called “Your Town,” which focused on the rural districts of Alberta.

The journalist received two nominations for the movie Your Town from the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association. Your Town has been restructured into a brand-new part called “Up Front.” He began working for the organization, then known as ITV but now known as Global Edmonton, in 1992. Edmontonians have chosen him as their favorite news caster on numerous occasions. He was given the title as a result.

Deb Steinke and Gord Steinke had a happy marriage. Gord is the epitome of a family-oriented person who, despite his hectic work schedule, manages to fulfill all of his duties to his loved ones. He usually appears at occasions and events with his wife by his side. The two were seen together in 2015 at the World’s Longest Hockey Game, when they both posed for photos and signed autographs for their respective fans.

Similar to this, Gord and his wife enjoyed each other’s company and some quality time together while touring a Harley-Davidson Road King in 2006. The duo is a great role model for newlyweds because they have managed to stay close despite spending many years together. The information regarding their children or any other pertinent specifics have not yet been made public by the media. He is also not gay, as evidenced by the fact that he is in a relationship with Deb.

In 2022, Gord Steinke will be 63 years old and will have finally made the decision to hang up his boots.

Although his exact birthday and other birth details have never been found, it is generally accepted that he was born in or around 1958 or 1959. Steinke, who grew up in the neighborhood where he currently works, started reading newspapers at the age of five and later became interested in journalism.

He also had a love for journalism, and when he was a teenager, he tried his hand at both by starting a band and starting his own newspaper. He also had a passion for music. He ultimately made the decision to pursue a career as a journalist and has since worked in that field for many years.


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