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How Detained Benue man, Bernard Ogbu was Killed

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Bernard Ogbu, who was allegedly arrested and held by officers of the Nigeria Police Force for more than three years, has reportedly passed away, according to human rights campaigner Ukan P Kurugh, who was born in Benue.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Kurugh claimed to have confirmed that members of the disbanded SARS squad assassinated the 43-year-old Benue man who had been jailed for three years without being given bail or a chance to be tried.


Here is a passage from the well-known activist’s post:


When I discovered Bernard Ogbu had been wasted by the employees of the now-defunct SARS abattoir Guzape, Abuja, I obtained the contact information for ASP Felix Onoja, who had arrested Bernard Ogbu in gestapo-style three years earlier and never brought him before a judge for the duration of his detention.

Yesterday at around 7:20 p.m., I called ASP Felix. I greeted him, and we had a good conversation. He answered every inquiry I posed to him as well.

He was unable to respond, though, when I questioned if Bernard Ogbu was actually living or dead. He persisted in asking me to come to his office so that we could speak as men or as the activist I said I was.

Fellow Nigerians, Bernard Ogbu’s wife passed away from depression and trauma while her husband was incarcerated. The man is now spent and has left four children for the Nigeria Police Force to likely raise.

Indeed, the wicked have no place on earth. So here is ASP Felix Onoja’s phone number: 08034523124. He detained Bernard three years ago, but until I verified that he had been wasted from an inside source, he had not yet been charged in court.

It would be wonderful if we questioned him about Bernard’s whereabouts and whether he was still alive or not. He composed.

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