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How Old Is Zaria Simone From PLL: Original Sins? Biography, Age, Wiki, Parent

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Actress Zaria Simone, who is African-American, appeared in Original Sins of Pretty Little Liars.

Simone has a significant amount of experience in the entertainment business. She is well-known for playing Sasha in the television series Blackish.

She most recently contributed to the 2022 criminal drama “Bosch: Legacy” by Tom Bernardo. The internet is in a frenzy after it was announced that Zaria would be joining the Original Sins set of Pretty Little Liars.

Zaria is 26 years old right now. She was conceived on April 25, 1996. The full name of Simone is Zaria Simone Suggs. Despite the fact that she was born in Los Angeles, California, she is of African-American descent.


She was a model before she became an actress. She is stunning and has a distinctive look. She is gifted as well, and her acting is unpolished and unrefined.

Zara started to battle for her dream of being an actor while still a college student. She went through several auditions one after another, but each time she was rejected, she started to question her skills.

She maintained hope, nevertheless, and made her regimen regular. Her diligence soon paid off, and she is now a faultless actress. Many people adored and loved her for her part in Blackish.

Travon Free, Zaria’s longtime partner, and she are now together. They started dating in 2020, and they’ve been a happy couple ever since.

Travon and Zaria are not bashful about flaunting one another on their social media pages. Additionally, they attend events and functions together at all times.

@travon is Travon’s Instagram handle. He has a total of 75,000 followers on his Instagram account, which is verified. @zariazariazaria is Zaria’s Instagram handle.

Through her acting and modeling talents, she has developed a sizable internet following. She barely follows roughly 1,000 people in return, while having 37.3k followers.

With her understanding parents, she spent the most of her formative and adolescent years in Los Angeles, California. She does, however, come from a mixed-race household.

Family members and Simone are close. Zaria grew up in a family that was very encouraging. Her career advancement has earned her parents a great deal of pride.

Zaria portrays Faran Bryant in the HBO Max Original series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. The new show has sparked a lot of interest from viewers, who are eager to see Zaria’s performance.

Zaria has been advertising the program on her social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram.

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