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I was more of an Instagram person last year until I sold my account – Twitter Influencer Nungua Burnaboy shares Experience

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We had a wonderful time with a noble Ghanaian Twitter Influencer, Nungua Burnaboy, where he shares his experiences on how he had garnered substantial amount of followers on the bird app.

Nungua (Views09) tweets are funny, lively, reasonable and things you can easily relate to. He reveals that he doesn’t create contents but most of his tweets are coined from movies and few from Twitter app.

There are alot to learn from him, the kind of tweets he makes and what made him popularly on the Twitter Street.

In a recent interview with Stechitegist, Nungua Burnaboy unveils his encounter with Twitter ladies trooping in his DM so many times, well he didn’t tell us what they were looking for, maybe you know, lol.. we would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Twitter Influencer, Nungua Burnaboy says he was once addicted to Twitter but not anymore because he believes Twitter is an app that requires absolute cautiousness in whatever you tweet so you don’t end up being devalued.

He was more of an Instagram user before not until he discovered a better channel that suits his interest. He was left with no choice than to sell his Instagram account without thinking twice.

Here are some interesting conversations stechitegist had with Nungua:

Q: Can you tell us your real name?

A: I’m Nana Akwasi

Q: You’re from what country?

A: Ghana please

Q: How did you come up with the nickname Nungua Burna_Boy?

A: I saw the name Nungua was being used by some crew here and I said why not join then..then I added burnaboy to it

Q: Like are you a die hard fan of the Musician Burnaboy?

A: Oh naaaa
I’m a fan tho but not die hard

Q: What made you choose Twitter as your favorite platformOr was that the only social media you had then?

A: Naa I was more of an Instagram person last year until I sold my account in December. Created twitter in January but became active in July cause I was bored and here I am

Q: And why did you sell your Instagram account??

A: I lost interest there that’s why

Q: Waw… So I’m five months you were able to achieve this great number of followers..

Can you remember your first tweet that went viral?

A: This tweet

Q: And what made you popular on Twitter Street?

A: My tweets yeah..it was very funny so it attracted the followers

Q: I think it’s really fun being here

A: Yeah that’s true

Q: Apart from having fun, what else do you gain from Twitter?

A: Made some great friends and promotions helps me make money a little

Q: Can you say you’re addicted to Twitter and how can you rate it

A: I used to be at first but not anymore..Twitter is a great app and can make or unmake you so one has to be careful with what they tweet

Q: Do you still have time for other social medias?

A: Yeah..but I’m here more than the others

Q: How has been your relationship with other co-influencers? Is it really easy making friends out here?

A: The truth is I rarely dm people on here..I vibe with them on the TL but in dms naa..so lemme see we’re cool yeah

Q: Metion 5 favorite influencers you love

A: @gyaigyimii

Q: Is there really a strategy in growing followers on Twitter and what is it?

A: Yeah there is..posting what people relate to..the engagements and followers will come with time

Q: As an influencer, have you witnessed cases of Twitter ladies trooping in your DM?

A: Oh yess..so many times

Q: How do you create contents? Are they real life encounters or fictions.

A: I don’t create contents..some things I post are from either movies or I take them from here..once in a while I post from my head

Q: Then about the first tweet you sent earlier, was it a true life experience?

A: Oh no..it was premium lamba..a lie

Q: Interesting..Have you ever gotten a savage you took personal?

A: Oh not at all…some people on this app try to be savage all the time but I don’t mind tho..I just read,laugh and move on.

Q: Like you don’t savage too?

A: Naaa I don’t like people do

Q: What profession do you do for a living?

A: I’m actually doing my national service now(Similar to NYSC in Nigeria)..at a secondary school

Q: And lastly for today sir,
What word do you have for Young entrepreneurs and fans who aspire to become great and influential

A: They should work hard and pray cause without God nothing is possible

What do you like about him?

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