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If You’ve Forgotten Your Matriculation Number, This Is For You

by toffee_plug

As we all know Matriculation numbers are unique numbers assigned to each students after their Matriculation ceremony in the university.

It’s so funny to believe that many students have forgotten their Matriculation number, after the 10-month old break.

We can say many undergraduates have been engaged in one thing or the other while at home, and have almost forgotten everything they’ve been taught at school.

For sure it wouldn’t be easy to catch up with what have been taught unless the student have been studying during the break.

I was so shocked when some students asked me how would they get their Matriculation number because they’ve forgotten and it seems complex to retain.

Truth be told, I was filled with laughter because its sounds so funny and hard to believe. But I decided to come up with this helpful post for our heartfelt readers so as to help students retrieve their Matriculation number.

Relax and take a deep breath, you have nothing to be scared about. I will be sharing with you several ways to retrieve your Matriculation number.

Check Your School ID Card:

A lot of students don’t know that their Matriculation number is inscribed in their school Identification card. If you haven’t misplaced your ID card, you can check it to retrieve your Matriculation number.

Check Your Previous Tests and Assignments Papers:

If you have access to your past assignment and test questions, you can check it as well to retrieve your Matriculation number. If you’re the type that writes your matric number, Name, Level and department on your scripts, this will really help you in finding your personal identification number.

Ask Your Departmental Friends:

This is a common method I use sometimes. We have some departmental colleagues that sits either in front or behind us during exams. If they can remember theirs, it is a perfect clue for you to retrieve yours. Ask them either through call/Whatsapp or if you have the opportunity to meet with them on campus. And it may happen that some of your friends might even know your matric number, so don’t hesitate to discuss with them too.

Ask Your Course Rep:

Your course Rep remains the intermediary between you and Lecturers. They sometimes have records or data of all departmental students. You can ask them to help you retrieve yours and if they are unable to, use the next step.

Visit The ICT Unit or Departmental Office:

The surest hands to get these first hand information about you is from the ICT units, where ID cards are printed. You can as well visit your departmental office to request for your Matriculation number.

Finally, if you’re a fresher, you can check your school portal if you’ve been assigned a Matriculation number.

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