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In the Streets of Lagos (Opinion)

by toffee_plug

Life taught me to be tough, but Lagos taught me to be Smart

Remember this popular saying that “if you are not wise in Lagos, you cant be wise anywhere” There is a point in our life where life in Lagos have taught us how to be smart and never take anything with levity act. We all have our stories to tell, a lot that I look forward to see in the comment section below.

While I was growing, somewhere in Ikotun, Lagos State. I was just 12 years old when I was sent an errand to get some food stuffs in the market. An innocent child who is myopic about the activities in Lagos, I was just like a newbie who doesn’t know how Lagos system works.

While I was on the move to withdraw money from an ATM, I saw a young guy from afar who was trying to get my attention. But because I was hurriedly going to the bank, I just acted like I didn’t see him and set the speed in a race.

After withdrawing money from a frustrating long queue, I met this guy again while coming back.

But now he came to the spot where I was, I was left with no choice than to just listen to him. I don’t know what he wanted to tell him, all that was in my mind was that “let me just hear him out first”.

This story happened to be my first encounter in the streets of Lagos, little did I know the moment I waited, was like opening an entrance for theft to come in.

Wait, Let me take a glass of water… So, back to where we stopped, the guy moved closer to me and started telling me to look at the other side of my foot wear, that with time it’s going to spoil, advising me to find means to repair the sole and all sorts. My innocent mind never knew they have been trying to rob me of a new blackberry phone, my dad just got for me.

When the guy finished talking, because during the conversation, he made sure my eyes was gazely fixed on the other side of my leg, where I will not easily feel anything.

I just said okay, and in a bid to quickly rush to the market, after taking two steps, I found out that my phone has disappeared, before I could look back, this guy had vanished. I felt very bittered and mad at myself.

At the spot I felt my soul have the stolen from my body, I quickly traced my steps back to see if I could catch the pilfer on motion, sadly he had ran out of thin air.

This incident had taught me a lesson not to be forgotten for life. Ever since then, whenever anyone I don’t know calls me, I don’t listen to them irrespective of whatever they want to tell me. That day, I didnt forgive myself. I felt I was fooled and robbed. This is a tip of an ice berg compared to what life has taught some of my esteemed readers here.

People you don’t know from Adam, will just walk up to you and beg you for money or tell you “Please I’m on my way to __, and I don’t have transport fare with me” i kind of see all this things as a strategy to extort money from passerbys, although I dont know how you feel about it, but left to me, I ignore most of them, and give to few that my heart wants me to.

Is it the congestion of traffic, from people and vehicles, the noisy echoes of market places, the buzzling nature of Lagosians and many more

Alot of things happen in the street of Lagos, and I think it will be fun if we can all share our own side of story.

I really hope you would share your own encounter in the comment section below.

kindly tell us how Lagos streets has also made you smart and wise

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