"JayDaYoungan was Ambushed By 5 Gunmen" - Father Narrates
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“JayDaYoungan was Ambushed By 5 Gunmen” – Father Narrates

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According to his father, JayDaYoungan was ambushed by five gunmen.

JayDaYoungan was shot and died in Louisiana, as we previously reported.

Along with his father, who is currently, apparently, in stable condition, the rapper was shot.

Since then, online video of the incident has been made available.
Kenyatta Scott, who was wounded alongside JayDaYoungan on Wednesday and is still in the hospital, told TMZ that he and his kid were “ambushed by five gunmen.”

Scott said that the couple was relaxing in their Louisiana front yard when a black truck drew up and three armed individuals got out.

Two more people approached Scott and JayDaYoungan from the side of their home, and the group of guys opened fire as they tried to flee inside for protection.

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While his son was hit at least eight times, Scott believes he was shot twice in the arm.

Scott continued by stating that neither did he think that JayDaYoungan knew the shooters or that the incident was gang-related.


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