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Joe Absolom: Biography, Wikipedia, Marriage, Wife, Age, Career, Family, Children, Timeline

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Joe Absolom unexpectedly finds himself in the spotlight after admitting that he wept when he left his career-defining soap opera.

English actor Absolom is best known for his roles as Matthew Rose in the BBC serial drama EastEnders and Al Large in the ITV comedy drama Doc Martin. He has previously made appearances in a number of ITV and BBC programs.

Before his acting career took off, he got his big break in a Sun-Pat peanut butter TV commercial. Joe plays baseball while listening to a Michael Angelis rap song and then eats peanut butter on bread in the commercial.

Absolom and his longtime partner Liz Brown have been married for three years. 2019 saw the marriage of the couple. He has held back from disclosing additional information about her, though. The most likely explanation is that his wife prefers her privacy and does not value fame or recognition.

The 42-year-old actor who played the unfortunate Matthew Rose in the BBC One series from 1997 to 2000 said in an interview with Radio Times that he used to do the covers of the TV magazines when he was on EastEnders. He continued by saying that he would get his picture taken, board the Thameslink, and leave without further consideration.

When I’m at Tesco and I see all the soap characters on the magazine covers, my mind now goes, “Bloody hell, if my face were out there every week, it wouldn’t be healthy.”

A classic plot was a local DJ named Matthew who was wrongfully convicted of killing Saskia Duncan, jailed, and then released. He announced his resignation from the public office in October 1999.

Absolom remarked that while he had enjoyed his time on the soap opera, it had come to the point where it would have been difficult to extend the present plot, which entailed his mistaken conviction for murder.

Joe Absolom has three kids total with his wife. The one who is most well-liked among them is Lyla Absolom.

People confuse her with Lyla, who is presently pursuing her acting career. She is credited in the 2004 Doc Martin on IMDB. Joe played a key role in it, and she first appeared in it in 2013. But it is merely a case of names clashing; nothing more.

The actor’s other two children have opted to stay out of the spotlight and away from the cameras, likely because they do not enjoy having their faces seen by the public. As a result, Absolom has been able to maintain his ideal personal life.

He started performing in EastEnders as Matthew Rose in 1997, furthering his acting career. In 2000, the British Soap Awards honored him for his work there with the Best Actor Award. Before he could exact revenge for being falsely convicted of murder by Steve Owen (Martin Kemp), his character was imprisoned.

The Lewisham-born actor built up a considerable fan base during his nearly three-year run, but he quit the serial in February 2000. Since leaving Albert Square, the 43-year-old has spent a significant amount of his career working on various TV projects like Death in Paradise, Ashes to Ashes, and The Bay.


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