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KT Tunstall: Biography, family, Wikipedia, career, fame, Age, Husband, Divorce, Children, Relationship, Instagram

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KT Tunstall, a Scottish singer-songwriter, rose to prominence in the music business after her song Black Horse and the Cherry Tree made television history in 2004.

The album later had more luck since it drew a wide audience when she sang her hit Black Horse and the Cherry Tree on Later… with Jools Holland. Later, the record was certified multi-platinum, sold millions of copies worldwide, and brought KT nominations for numerous prizes.

A few of the albums the diva has released over her career are KT Tunstall’s Acoustic Extravaganza, Drastic Fantastic, Tiger Suit, Invisible Empire / Crescent Moon, KIN WAX, and more. Among her singles and EPs are the songs Throw Me A Rope, Under the Weather, Suddenly I See, Another Place to Fall, Saving My Face, and many others.

Prior to their divorce, Luke Bullen and KT Tunstall were wed. Unfortunately, after less than five years of marriage, the couple was divorced for a variety of reasons.

According to the singer’s publicist to DailyRecord.co.uk, the couple had already been living apart since “August/September” of 2012 before getting divorced at the start of 2013.

The newspaper eventually contacted the court after reading about their divorce in the press and discovered that Luke had asked for a divorce because of KT’s “unreasonable behavior.”

After concluding that KT had acted in a way that made it impossible for Luke to be “reasonably anticipated” to live with her, the judge ordered KT to pay the costs associated with Luke’s application.

The object may have been split by unidentified forces. But when KT’s father, David, a physics instructor at St. Andrews University, passed away in August, she was inconsolable. Insiders claim that after he passed away, she thought twice about her marriage to Luke.

Suddenly I See, the singer of the band, fell in love with Luke when he was a drummer in their support group. They got engaged on Christmas Day in 2007, and they got married on Skye the following September.

Later, they celebrated their union for five days at the four-star Flodigarry Country House Hotel, amidst the stunning natural surroundings of the island. Later, live music was played for the guests to enjoy throughout the important day of the marriage, including tunes from the 1980s, Scottish folk music, and traditional country dancing.

At the time, KT, then 46, said she wanted to start a family with Luke and that he had assisted her in staying “on the straight and narrow” and growing more independent.

Her failing marriage may also serve as motivation, based on her past experience. KT acknowledged that their brief breakup had helped her writing before they were married.

The Scottish singer allegedly wed Alexander Preston on February 5, 2015. Since 2012, they have been dating.

Before the release of her album KIN in 2016, she claimed to have discovered her new love, but she did not wait long enough. She didn’t give any additional information while stating that her new love didn’t have a noticeable personality.

But KT wishes to have children with her ex-husband Luke; however, the two were only married for five years and never had any. She also revealed that she is childless and does not currently have any plans to give up her singing profession to start a family.

I knew you didn’t want kids, she said. Although I adore children and enjoy being around them, I have never been interested in having my own. Through my music, I had forged a non-traditional living, but I had ended up in one.


In a thorough discussion of her sexuality in a November 2018 interview, KT asserted that she had “relationships with ladies” and has “never considered myself a locked-down straight person.”

In order to correct an undersized kidney condition brought on by a childhood ailment, Tunstall underwent surgery in April 2007. In 2008, Tunstall initially became aware of issues with her left ear’s hearing. Due to the fact that one of her brothers has been profoundly deaf since birth, she has always worried about her hearing.

Due to problems with her right ear, which were “exactly how the collapse of my left ear began,” the seasoned performer stated in July 2021 that she would have to cancel her summer tour dates and permanently avoid lengthy runs of nearly consecutive appearances. 2018 saw the case progress to total left-ear hearing loss and balance problems.

Scottish singer KT Tunstall, 47, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on June 23, 1975. She grew up in a reputable family with access to good medical care.

Tunstall’s father passed away in 2002; the exact cause of death has not yet been made public. This gave KT a new lease on life. In an interview, she claimed that “the loss of my father was, in many ways, a godsend because it pushed me to analyze my happiness and sense of self and discover that I wasn’t.” “I had checked off every box and completed everything I believed would please you. I was also depressed.

When Tunstall tracked out Carol Anne, her actual mother, who had not been seen since between 1996 and 1998, she learned that she was married to cab driver David Orr and had given birth to three additional children.

She is furious with the British National Party. She publicly distanced herself from Orr as a result of his decision to run as a BNP candidate in the general election for Livingston in 2010. She appeared in the ninth season of Long Lost Family in 2019.

Carol Anne expressed her gratitude to KT for moving her to Southern Spain at that point, adding, “She has given me a new lease on life,” as she had become tired of the media attention.

She learned that her biological father, John (last name withheld), had gone away in 2002, leaving her with two half-sisters, Siobhan and Lesley-Anne (at the age of 49).

Her father, David Tunstall, was a physics instructor at St. Andrews University. Eye to the Telescope, the name of her debut album, refers to the scientific tools she used at her father’s lab.

The Scottish singer has over 96k followers on Instagram and has posted 2143 times. She frequently updates her admirers on both her personal and professional lives through the media.


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