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Latest Update on Leroy G Bando Shooting, Real Name, Video

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Rapper Leeky G Bando was shot on August 3 in Brooklyn, New York, and was taken to the hospital by authorities.

Leeky G Bando is the rapper moniker that Bando goes by, and he is dedicated to keeping his real name a secret. With his effortless delivery and memorable rhymes that satisfy fans of New York drill rap, Leeky has established a huge reputation for himself.

Despite the rapper’s songs featuring shootings and other acts of violence, Bando had never engaged in a brawl before. The Brooklyn Drill rapper’s safety is a concern for the public, and the incident is being looked into by the authorities.
Rapper Leeky G Bando was apparently shot yesterday in Brooklyn, New York. The perpetrator or other victims’ identities are yet unknown.

The wounded and shot rapper is seen lying on a stretcher as the medical staff transfers him to the ambulance to take him to the hospital in a brief video posted on Twitter. On Wednesday, a bystander recorded footage of the injured rapper, and the only shooting incident reported in New York was a shooting that left two guys injured at around 7 o’clock on Fulton Street.

The attacker shot the victims in the hip and ankle, although Bando does not appear to have any injuries to his legs or right hips in the video.

There are no further developments on the rapper’s health or information about the incident, other than the video posted on Twitter showing Bando being carried to a hospital on a stretcher.

People were encouraged that Leeky G. Bando would survive after watching the video of him being carried on a stretcher because it did not appear that he was seriously hurt.

The lone incident that has been reported in Brooklyn included two males who were wounded in the hip and ankle. Given that the rapper’s leg was unharmed in the video, we can presume that he was hit in the hip.

According to some accounts, the Brooklyn Drill rapper is receiving treatment in a neighborhood hospital in Brooklyn and will survive.


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