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List Of The 10 Most Protected People In The World

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1. Vladimir Putin. 

He is the most protected president. Vladimir Putin is not only the president of Russia, he is also the most powerful person on the planet and has in his possession the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, which adds a plus to his importance and therefore to his personal security.

2. Donald Trump.

He is the most protected billionaire. Donald Trump is not just a one time president of one of the most powerful countries in the world: the United States. He is also a billionaire who has hundreds of businesses around the globe, it is estimated that he has a net worth of about 2.5 billion dollars, with this wealth and his love for security he was able to make it on the list of the most protected people in the world.

3. Kim Jong-Un. 

He is the most protected dictator. The years have made it clear that the supreme commander, aka “North Korean dictator,” Kim Jong-Un is quite an interesting character. North Korea is one of the most controlled societies in the world, yet its leader’s security is as strong as steel. During his visit to Singapore in 2018, a video of the North Korean president accompanied by several members of his secret service followed him closely in a perfectly coordinated trot.

4. Pope Francis. 

He is the most protected religious leader. Pope Francis is both bishop of Rome and ex officio leader of the world, as head of the Catholic Church and like the president of a country, he also needs the maximum protection and not precisely from the angels in heaven. Pope Francis resides in one of the probably most armored cities in the world: the Vatican City, in Rome (Italy), his first line of defense is the Pontifical Swiss Guard which is a unit of armed forces and honor guards maintained by the Holy See that protects the Pope and the Apostolic Palace, serving as the de facto army of Vatican City.

5. Xi Jinping.

He is the most protected politician. As China’s top man it is not surprising that he is very well guarded, he and the other leaders of the Communist Party are well protected by an elite guard unit called the Central Security Bureau, which is a notoriously secret organization, to this day. Today the most public appearance of its leader, His Excellency Wang Shaojun, came in 2015 when he attended a banquet at the White House and was only known as his highly ranked job because the official guest list casually mentioned his job title.

6. Mohamed Bin Salmán. 

He is the most protected Arab leader. Prince Salman is particularly known not only for his huge mansions, sports cars, exotic pets and anything that costs millions and millions of dollars but also for being a pretty brutal leader if you can define it in any way, as he is a leader famous for ending the life of anyone who criticizes his government internally or externally.

7. Queen Elizabeth II.

She is the most protected sovereign leader. The great British monarch and who is undoubtedly of special importance to the country. According to the traditions of Great Britain, having a queen is an extremely precious and invaluable treasure and more taking into account that she is one of the monarchs that has lived the longest, for this reason, Queen Elizabeth II has one of the most impressive security forces that may exist.

8. Mark Zuckerberg.

He is the most protected CEO. The CEO of Facebook and other companies, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, is one of the most protected young billionaires on the planet, and it is no wonder knowing his importance in the world of business and online communication. Mark may seem like a fairly simple subject and who is not a fan of the luxuries of capitalism, but his security is something that he does not take lightly and even less when we talk about the fact that there are figures that Mark Zuckerberg spends about 9 million dollars a year in his and your safety.

9. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He is the most protected athlete. The undefeated boxer is without a doubt the most protected athlete on the planet. First, we must understand that boxing is one of the most lucrative sports in the world, for this reason, one of its biggest stars in history protects himself from everything and more knowing that Floyd has a value of more than 500 million dollars, he is a fan of Whether carrying jewelry worth a mansion or hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, it’s no secret that Floyd has luxurious mansions, exclusive sports cars, and businesses all over the world. But Floyd has always been accompanied by two, three, six or even eight security guards, who because of their physique are almost impossible to take down.

10. Prince Harry and Megan Markle. 

The couple who were the most protected in the world. The happy marriage of the British royal family was without a doubt the most protected couple that ever existed; before of course having renounced royalty. It is estimated that the people who were involved in their safety were about a thousand people who dedicated all their working hours to make sure that nothing could harm them.

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