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Main Reason Why 2Face Apologize to His Wife and Family

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According to reports, the well-known singer 2face Idibia has allegedly gotten a banker, another woman, pregnant.

Remember when 2face made headlines for publicly apologizing to his family, Annie Idibia, his loving wife, and the public for not being a good father?

Social media is rife with rumors that the singer’s apology was coerced since he is said to be fathering a child with another lady, a banker.


On Monday, August 8, singer 2Face Idibia wrote on Instagram to publicly apologize to his wife, children, mother, and management for embarrassing them.

The singer of “African Queen” said in the lengthy article that his goal was to correct the record rather than seek compassion.

This is not a stunt, he wrote in Las Las. I sincerely apologize for all the disgrace I have brought upon my wife, my children, my mother, all of our families, and my management team. I’m not attempting to look admirable or in need of anyone’s compassion. No, this is not reverse psychology nonsense.

“I just want to be the person that doesn’t have to apologize all the time. I’ve had shtty fathers, shtty husbands, and sh*tty baby daddies. I have no apologies. All I want to do is be good to my wife, my kids, their mothers, all the other families, my management, and my friends.

He continued by saying he was unafraid of being fired.

Please just face me and tell me to cancel, I beg of you. My bulletproof vest is worn out from being a celebrity for so long. I’m not giving up, suicidal, or quitting, he insisted.

“I simply want to go back to my default settings and deny my role model status, make up lost time with my kids, and offer y’all songs that will make u remember and realize why people call me 2BABA #GRATEFUL,” she said.

With the caption “Forever Grateful to u @annieidibia1,” he also shared another post of gratitude for his wife. till my last breath, I love you. “#GRATEFUL to u forever. Ur kind is rare.”

Despite the numerous conflicts they have encountered recently, this is the singer’s first time publicly apologizing to his wife and family.

Several months ago, Annie Idibia, 2Face’s wife, revealed the details of their struggle on social media.

He was confronted by Annie in September 2021 regarding his’suspicious’ relationship with Pero, one of his baby mothers. Since they got married, she said that he hasn’t cared about her at all, and his family has done all possible to sabotage their relationship.

Two girls were born to the couple after their May 2012 wedding.

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