Meaning of Duty Tour Allowance For Permanent Secretary, Civil Servants
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Meaning of Duty Tour Allowance For Permanent Secretary, Civil Servants

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Duty tour allowances (DTAs) for ministers, permanent secretaries, and public officers in grades 1–17 have been increased by President Muhammadu Buhari.

A duty tour is a government employee’s formal overseas excursion. A duty tour can also be regarded as time spent abroad performing official duties, typically by a member of the civil service, secretaries , etc.

Ekpo Nta, head of the National Salaries, Income, and Wages Commission, announced the acceptance of the additional allowances in a circular dated August 31.

Nta has stated that the revised compensation rates will be implemented on September 1, 2022, Stechitegist Media learned.

Duty tour allowances for Permanent Secretaries and their equivalents have been increased from N20,000 to N70,000, and those for ministers, SGFs, HCSFs, and their equivalents have been increased from N35,000 to N80,000, according to a circular signed off on by Nigeria’s president.

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“The Commission should be contacted with any questions about this circular.”

What follows is a summary of the new DTA as outlined in the memo:

• N10,000 daily subsistence allowance for GL 01-04 and equivalent

• N15,000 per day for GL 05-06 and similar

• N17,500 per diem for GL 07-10 and similar

N20,000 day for GL 12-13 or its equivalent

Promotional • N25,000 daily for GL 14-15 or equivalent

• N37,500 daily stipend for GL 16-17 or equivalent

Daily allowance of N70,000 for a permanent secretary or similar position

The daily stipend for a Minister, Special government Functionary, High-Level Presidential Advisor, or their Equivalent is N80,000.

Since excessive global inflation demands immediate attention, the president in August called for a review of federal civil servants’ salaries.

According to the Consumer Price Index, the annual inflation rate for the country jumped to 19.64% in July 2022, from 18.60% in June 2022. (CPI). It might interest you to read Ministry of Foreign Affairs Technical Aid Corps Recruitment 2022-2024 | How to Apply | Application Deadline

Duty Tour Allowance, STECHITEGIST

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