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Meet Carrie Reichert, Stripper in Las Vegas Linked to Prince Harry

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Carrie Reichert asserts that she kissed Prince Harry in August 2012 while having a crazy night in Sin City. She claims that Harry, who was 27 at the time, gave her a pair of black underpants after their sexual rendezvous.

Since he married Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has gotten involved in a number of social and political causes. Last week, he addressed the UN, and his comments sparked condemnation from both online commenters and protesters outside the New York City offices.

Because of her stunning accusations against Prince Harry, Carrie Reichert has become a household name. She is a stripper who once had the dominatrix title Lady Dominique in Sin City. When the royal didn’t care about anything, even his name or reputation, she once accused him of being carefree and energetic.

Carrie Reichert prince Harry, STECHITEGIST

At a VIP suite in Las Vegas in 2012, Harry disrobed to his crown jewels and gave the woman her underpants as a souvenir. In a statement to the media, Carrie’s representative claimed that although the man had turned entirely bland in recent years, the memento he gave away ten years ago had come to symbolize his crazy lifestyle.

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Now that the opportunity has presented itself, Reichert has set an auction for the specific undergarment. According to Dailymail, she has plans to sell it to the highest bidder. She claims that the souvenir was given to her on the legendary night in 2012 when Prince Harry stripped down to his crown jewels and was seen hugging a woman in his VIP Las Vegas suite.

Although it is unknown if she is still working at her previous position, if this move succeeds, it will have a significant positive impact on her life. She has become an overnight online star as a result of the overwhelming amount of interest people have in her. We’ll have to keep an eye out for her future actions.

It stands to reason that the 43-year-old woman who has accused the royal Prince of being lewd will stir some trouble. Just as we anticipated, this became entirely national news.

The media has not reported on Carrie Reichert’s marriage. She appears to be single at the moment because she is openly addressing her history. However, until it is resolved, it cannot be confirmed. Furthermore, the media is currently unaware of her family and other close friends.

Carrie anticipates the indecent items might bring in £800,000 at the auction of the dress and bikini she wore to the 2012 Las Vegas party.

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Previously, the former stripper charged £4,000 for only one client session. At his private party at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas hotel in August 2012, she said that Prince Harry was already naked when she arrived.

Carrie Reichert prince Harry, STECHITEGIST

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