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Meet Paul Sorvino Wife, Dee Dee Benkie, Biography, Age, Children, Orbituary

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The marriage of American actress and media personality Dee Dee Benkie to actor Paul Sorvino made her a household name.

On July 25, the world lost another great actor when Paul Anthony Sorvino passed away. Paul Sorvino’s wife, Dee Dee Benkie, made the announcement official on her social media.


Condolences are pouring in on her husband Paul Sorvino’s obituary in response to the loss of her loving husband, with the hope that the lost soul will pass peacefully.

Dee Dee Benkie, who comes from a political family, chose to become an actress and media personality. In 2014, she married the actor Paul Sorvino.

The two of them were not parents, but Dee Dee and her husband shared three stepchildren from a prior relationship.

Her husband was well-known in the movie business and had roles in several blockbuster movies, including Law & Order, Good Fellas, and others.


Benkie’s romance with the Law & Order actor also contributed to her rise to fame. The actress had already achieved some success in her career, though, as a radio and TV personality with an Emmy to her name who has been on numerous national and international radio and television programs.

She has also co-hosted the conversation show Fresh Outlook on EBRU TV, where she earned an Emmy and the Indianapolis Best Talk Show Host award.

Dee Dee’s acting career was flourishing for the actress as she starred in Oddly Popular in 2020, and she has a lot more projects coming up in the following year.


It was terrible to see the actress announce the news of her husband’s passing because they had been married for eight long years.

Dee Dee Benki was born in 1967 to an American family with a political background as Denessa PurvisBenkie in Indiana. Dee Dee’s interest in politics is also influenced by her family’s political history.

She was an actress and a former aide to President George W. Bush who was influenced by her family. She was also the former chair of the Young Republicans National Federation.

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Benkie wed actor Paul Sorvino in 2014, and the two had been enjoying their best marriage for the previous eight years when her spouse unexpectedly passed away.

Paul Sorvino’s widow posted an announcement of his passing on social media, saying, “I am crushed beyond belief. The most wonderful man who ever lived, the love of my life, is no longer here. I’m devastated.”


The spokesperson for the actor revealed that Paul, who was 83 years old, died of natural causes and was predeceased by his wife and three children.

Dee Dee and Paul never had children of their own, although Sorvino had three children—Mira, Michael, and Amanda—from a previous relationship.

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