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Mick Moloney Cause of Death: Age, Obituary, Friends and Family

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A 77-year-old Mick Moloney passed dead. On social media, tributes pour in for the Irish musician.

In the music business, Mick Moloney served as a mentor, producer, vocalist, and expert. He taught music at numerous institutions while earning his Ph.D. in folklore and folklife from the University of Pennsylvania.


The news of his passing is startling and tragic. Currently, the music business is suffering.

Irish musician Mick Moloney passed away at the age of 77. On social media, his sadness is shared by friends, family, and followers.

His supporters expressed their sorrow and conveyed their sincere condolences to his family when the news of his passing was posted online.

Mick, who was born in Limerick, Ireland, in 1944, began studying the tenor banjo at the age of 16. When he was a teenager, he enjoyed listening to American folk artists, especially the Weavers and Burl Ives.

He didn’t recall, though, that traditional instrumental music was frequently performed where he lived. As a result, as he became older, he went to the nearby Ennis, which is situated in County Clare just across the Shannon, to take in the live music at the pubs.

In order to “bring them home” and study them, he would record the tunes onto tape. And that is how he picked up the ability to play a different instrument and sing classic melodies.

On Twitter, Mick Moloney’s admirers paid him tribute. He urged people to enjoy Irish traditional music, especially women, by promoting it. The first all-female band in the US, Cherish the Ladies, was founded with his help.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in folklore, he committed his life to documenting and exposing traditional Irish music and musicians. His impact on Irish music cannot be adequately described in a few sentences.

By locating and recording great musicians, he significantly contributed to the transition of Irish music from parlors and bars to stages and concert halls. He joined the Irish rock group Green Fields of America as a founding member in 1977, according to his biography in the National Endowment for the Arts.

Additionally, he recorded and produced over sixty albums of traditional music in the United States in association with well-known traditional artists like Seamus Egan, Liz Carroll, Joanie Madden, Joe Shannon, Ed Reavy, Mike Rafferty, and many more.

He dedicated his life to instructing Irish music and culture at colleges all around the nation. In order to promote the wider public to Irish folk culture, he also planned yearly visits to Ireland.

In addition, his online obituary has not yet been published. Therefore, later updates will be made to the burial details.

At age 77, Mick Moloney passed away. His death’s cause hasn’t been made public yet.

However, his contribution to the Irish music business will live on in the collective memory of mankind. He was a talented musician and singer who possessed a significant library of musical compositions from the Irish and Irish-American traditions.

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