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Moneoa And Ex Phiwa Take Matters To Court

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Moneoa And Ex Phiwa, STECHITEGIST

Stechitegist Media has gathered that singer Moneoa Moshesh was detained because of the videos she uploaded to Instagram. They say she was detained for two hours and forced to delete the videos she had uploaded during that time.

Almost a week after Moneoa posted allegations against Phiwe Maphanga on her Instagram page, on Thursday, 25 August, she was reportedly arrested at the Sandton Police Station.

An interim protection order granted to Phiwe, which the publication claims is being challenged by Moneoa’s legal team.

The article alleges Phiwe acknowledged the allegations had a negative impact on him and his family. He further claims that Moneoa’s fans have made many death threats against him.

“Moneoa Moshesh is an ex-girlfriend whom I met in 2017. Our relationship was terminated in 2018. We were together affectionately for a period of a year. During the course of our relationship, I was the subject of physical abuse and emotional blackmail.”

He said he is left vulnerable because of he is a newly married man who has a newborn baby.

“As a newlywed and a man with a newborn baby, I feel extremely vulnerable, as I am uncertain of the extent to which the threats could be acted on. I have been giving her money throughout the course of our break-up, as she would claim that if I don’t give her money, she would ensure I am in harm’s way.”

“This has resulted in my life being in physical danger. I have received threats [on] digital platforms [from Moshesh-Sowazi’s supporters] claiming that they will find me and my family. I would therefore request that I be given a protection order on an urgent basis on the premise that I am getting death threats from social media owing to her recent posts.” 

There are rumors that in addition to filing charges against her ex, Moneoa also filed charges against the police officers involved. Two cases, “theft and usage of car without owner’s permission,” were filed against Phiwe.

Although her fans are devastated by the shocking charges Moneoa made against Phiwe in her videos, the singer vows to pull herself up and get back into the spotlight.

“I’m gonna share something with all of you that has not only weighed stress on my heart and mind for over 5 years now but has also inconvenienced my life in ways I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I can’t stand that it’s come to this but unfortunately, I feel that I’m left with no other choice. I want to clarify that I don’t hate Phiwe Maphanga but I now realise that his refusal to cooperate in this matter has nothing to do with any difficulties he has with resolving it.”

According to TshisaLive, Moneoa is taking this fight to court because she wants her stuff back from Phiwe. 

“I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while, but I always felt nervous…I don’t harbour any ill intentions against him but how else am I going to get my things back, what choice has he left me. He needs to be taught a lesson so that he stops defrauding people and playing with people’s livelihoods. He has been doing this for too long enough, is enough,” she said as quoted by the publication. 

“It’s still new for now, I just got my case numbers and I have a very reliable sergeant that I’m working with. Sgt Norman Sithole from Norwood, he is the first police officer that has been so helpful and so invested in helping me in this situation. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to open a case and when they ran my fingerprints those cases didn’t appear on the database.”

Moneoa And Ex Phiwa, STECHITEGIST

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