Murdah Bongz Finally Opens Up On His First Child
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Murdah Bongz Finally Opens Up On His First Child

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Murdah Bongz Mohasana is very private. Some say his fame expanded when he started dating DJ Zinhle, who gave him a son. People forget that the Black Motion member had a child from a previous relationship because he usually posts his daughter Asante Mohosana. Murdah is a deadbeat father since he never shows off his first child.

Murdah broke his silence on BET’s DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected about his first child and their agreement.

His son’s mother urged him not to post about him online.

“They don’t know what’s happening. I don’t need to prove anything. The child’s mother requested me not to give him extra attention. So I don’t post her, he told Zinhle.


Not sharing or implying on social media that he has another child is almost like Murdah doesn’t acknowledge Asante. So think trolls.

Musa Khawula called Bongani a slacker. Social media was outraged.


Zinhle posts AKA on Father’s Day. On her reality show, she said Murdah isn’t on Twitter therefore he doesn’t care about the trolling. “Bongani isn’t on Twitter, so he doesn’t care,” she says of trolls. The objective is to make us appear awful, she stated.


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