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Nigeria’s 10 Most Expensive Tribes for Brides

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It is well known that Nigerians spend a lot of money on weddings. When someone gets married, it means a lot. According to a proverb, one is only conscious during the wedding ceremony out of the three rituals held in honor of a person—the others being the naming, wedding, and funeral ceremonies. This is the reason why families and individuals will go to any lengths, including taking out a debt, to organize a grandiose celebration.


Before a wedding ceremony can take place, the bride’s family must receive gifts from the groom’s family, including delicacies and fruits, in accordance with their preferences. The bride’s family would also impose a financial obligation on the bride that would be paid by the groom. This sum of money, known as the bride price, frequently establishes the bride’s value.

According to certain cultures, the groom is expressing his gratitude to the bride’s family for caring for her before he entered the picture. Due to the excessive amounts of money that the bride’s family has demanded on the pretext of collecting the bride price as a result of this mindset, many men are now neck-deep in debt, and others have developed a phobia of marriage. For the record, you might want to look at the 10 tribes in Nigeria with the least expensive brides.

The following tribes in Nigeria have the highest bride prices:

10) Efik

The Cross River and Akwa Ibom states of today are where the Efik people once lived in southern Nigeria. Three persons receive a costly bride price during a marriage ceremony in this country: the bride, the bride’s mother, and the bride herself. In order to strengthen the bonds between the pair, they think it is essential that the bride receive payment.

9) Ngwo

Southern Nigeria’s Enugu is home to the Ngwo tribe. This tribe holds the view that the only obligation the groom has to the bride’s family is a financial one. As a result, they want a bride price that could be sufficient to launch a successful business. Because of this, it’s very uncommon to see women who are old enough to get married but are stuck living with their fathers because they can’t find a man who will pay a large bride price.

8) Nkpa

In the Bende local government of Abia State, there are Nkpa people. The groom’s ethnicity affects the bride price in this tribe. When compared to non-indigenes, it is far lower for indigenous people. Additionally, the groom is obliged to purchase gifts for every individual in the bride’s village as well as household supplies for the bride’s parents.

7) Mbaise

Imo state, which is renowned for its exorbitant bride price demands, is home to the Mbaise tribe. The bride’s educational background determines the bride price in Malawi. A mbaise marriage list may include gifts with a price tag of up to 200,000 NGN. In addition to the bride price, the husband would also be required to pay some absurd costs, such as a questioning fee, a youth fee, and others.

6) Ikwerre

A subgroup of the Igbo people that lives in the state of Rivers is the Ikwerre people. A woman from Ikwerre is believed to have a high bride price, which might range between 500,000 and 700,000.

5) Bororo

Similar to the Fulani, the Bororo are a nomadic tribe that inhabits Adamawa state. As a member of a nomadic tribe, a man’s wealth is determined by the number of cattle he owns. This also holds true during marriage, and the bride price is typically paid in the form of 10 to 50 live cows by the groom.

4) Okrika

The southern Nigerian state of Rivers is also home to the Okrika tribe. The Okrika tribe has generated a lot of debate around bride price in the context of marriage. When a groom chooses a bride from an Okrika family, he is required to offer the bride’s mother and other family members a set sum of money in addition to paying the bride’s father alone around 400,000 NGN.

3) Ogoja

The Ogoja tribe is said to have migrated from Zululand in Eastern Africa and can be found at the well-known town of Ogoja in the state of Cross River. They have their cultural legacy connected to their customs and beliefs, and it is a significant trade hub in the state. Because of this, it is common for the bride’s family to request bride prices and gifts that can total more than a million naira.

2) Kalabari

An ethnic group in rivers state is the kalabari. Even though they are highly educated and sophisticated, the Kalabari people continue to follow long-standing customs passed down to them by their ancestors. Depending on the family, their wedding ceremony may span one or two weeks and include a number of events. To demonstrate his financial responsibility, the groom is supposed to spend money. The bride price, which can be up to one million naira, is then put in a pot and given to the women in the bride’s family because only women carry out the activity of demanding and collecting bride price. The marriage list can be five to ten pages long.

1) Annang

Annang is the second-largest ethnic group in Akwa Ibom state and is located there. The wedding rituals in Annang are made more colorful by their maintained tradition. In this tribe, the bride would not be released to the groom if any of the demands were not met. The groom would be asked to pay exorbitant bride prices as well as several gift items.


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