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Orator Yunus Pasau Under Fire for Insulting Indonesian President

by Steve_dee
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Stechitegist media has gathered that Yunus Pasau, a communication studies student at UNG, has come under fire and heavy criticism after he was heard insulting and lambasting the No. 1 citizen of Indonesia, the Indonesian President, while speaking with his fellow students and other citizens of Indonesia. 

Following his public speech, the people of Indonesia have taken to their various social media handles to heavily criticize him for speaking in a rude way to the president. 

Read some of their reactions below:

Paschal: Mendengar cara Yunus Pasau mahasiswa ilmu komunikasi UNG inih kalo masih ada yang berkata Demokrasi di jaman Jokowi kebablasan adalah benar…  [Listening to Yunus Pasau’s way of communication science student at UNG, if there are still those who say Democracy in Jokowi’s era is going too far, it’s true…]

Abdulmalik: ini beneran mahasiswa ?? orasinya santun banget, sampai terang2an menyebut ‘Presiden Republik Indonesia “HEBAT”‘‼️ jd inget ketika pakde ngobrol sm kakek ‘rehat sejedagh’ 😁😁👇.[is this really a student? His speech was very polite, until he openly said ‘The President of the Republic of Indonesia is “GREAT” ️ so I remember when Pakde chatted with Grandpa ‘Take a break sejedagh’ .]

Para HRD perusahaan seluruh Indonesia, tolong tandai mahasiswa ini. Namanya Yunus Pasau dari Ilmu Komunikasi UNG.  Mahasiswa pencaci presiden RI. [HRD companies throughout Indonesia, please tag this student. His name is Yunus Pasau from Communication Studies UNG. Student insulting the president of the Republic of Indonesia.]


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