PDP Primaries: Returning Officers, INEC Observers Abducted in Abia
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PDP Primaries: Returning Officers, INEC Observers Abducted in Abia

by SG News Desk
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What was supposed to be the delegates election for the Arochukwu-Ohafia Federal Constituency election at Ohafia LG of Abia State turned into one of the worst electoral charades in the political history of the country.

While all the 3 man Adhoc delegates from the various wards and councils that made up the Arochukwu-Ohafia Federal Constituency waited till late, news came about the cancellation of the election and shifting it till tomorrow.

Those involved thought that was the worst news as they were ready to return the next day, only to hear a few minutes that one of the aspirants hijacked the returning officers and INEC observers with the internal arrangement of some top PDP officials in Abia State PDP and wrote the results that are being prepared for the announcement. This is why decent people avoid politics.

Several of the delegates with deep disappointment clearly written on their faces testify to this and swore to go to any length give evidence towards this.

This is exactly what happened in Anambra State where APC ended up not having any candidate because their candidate Andy Uba hijacked the system and wrote the result without following the internal party system.

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The same was repeated at Adamawa in 2019, where APC lost all the seats they won because like what happened at today at Arochukwu-Ohafia the powers that me refused to follow internal party process. This happened in Rivers State too.

It is left for Abia State PDP leaders to choose to overlook what happened and lose Arochukwu-Ohafia Constituency even if they win or take steps to pursue a dark goat in the day. PDP losing Arochukwu-Ohafia by sending a very unpopular candidate who is afraid of ordinary delegates’ election will be a very big disaster for the party in the state. The leaders of the party should sit back and ask who someone who is afraid of standing ordinary delegates election will stand powerful candidates from APGA and APC?

PDP leaders in the state must not only ensure that the right thing is done, but they must also go all out to make sure the right things are done, or an internal war that will bleed the party will start.

It will disastrous during this period of electronic electoral voting for the PDP to decide to use Mago Mago and impose a candidate in an area where APC is controlling the Senate and a very strong and politically grounded senator for that matter.

Moreover, the internal bleeding within the PDP family in this constituency is so strong for such an injury to be added to it.

There’s recorded video evidence that showed the faces of the delegates in their various wards and council during the state Houses of Assembly elections today.

If those who are involved in planning and executing this charade insist that the election was held and that the result they are about to announce wasn’t written somewhere far away from the destination of the delegates’ election, let them make the video available since we know the identity of the delegates.

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For crying out loud this was the type of political practice that kept the state this backward. We cannot continue like this or PDP will consider itself as having no candidate. PDP should know that other political parties’ candidates are reading us. If they don’t do the right thing even after the election this evidence will be required in the electoral tribunal. And, they know it doesn’t exist.

PDP Primaries: Returning Officers, INEC Observers Abducted in Abia

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