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Photos and Biography of All Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemates

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The seventh season of Big Brother Naija, with the theme “Level up,” began on Saturday, July 23, with the introduction of the 12 housemates.

Meet the initial 12 residents.

  1. Kess

Kess, a 28-year-old Delta State resident who is married, values his family above all else. He is spreading positive energy. He is a fighter and a deliberate individual.


2. Danielle Peter

Daniella is a twin poet from Cross River State who is 22 years old, sensitive, and who avoids drama. She is bringing to the program love, light, and joyful energy. She enjoys gisting and sleeping.

3. Pharmsavi

State of Akwa Ibom is Pharmsavi’s birthplace. Aged 27 years old, he. He works as a pharmacist and does light entertainment.

Pharmsavi adores performing. A little drama and making others smile are things he enjoys. a peace enthusiast. He dislikes altercations. Saviour Akpan is his true name.

  1. Phyna

Phyna is from the state of Edo. She has a temper problem. Phyna is on the show to influence viewers. She despises gossip and is very understanding.


5. Byrann

He can be irksome on purpose, according to Bryann. Bryann claims he entered the competition to show off all of his skills. He’s delivering drama and energy. He feels great in his own skin. He enjoys creating music.

He rejects the notion of love at first sight. He is single and might be open to dating.


6. Christy O

Christy O is an Ondo native. She likes to amuse others by using sarcasm. She is a likable individual who pays attention to everything, ensuring that she is never caught off guard.


7. Ilebaye

Ilebaye characterizes herself as bold and divisive. She is a native of Kogi state. She claims to bring the drama of Generation Z. Ilebaye claims that despite being a lover, she will not be a shipper.

  1. Amaka
    Amaka works in the medical field. She thinks you should take the bull by the horns

9. Cyph

Tech guru Cyph is. He promises to provide drama and a cruise. He enjoys eating and believes in the concept of love at first sight. He intends to socialize with the other residents. He was born in Mbaise, Imo State.

  1. Grace

Beauty claims that she is presenting the entire truth to the show. She describes herself as being very honest, expressive, and loyal to who she is.

She also claims to be an excellent cook. She claims she doesn’t think there can be true love at first sight. Beauty is a former beauty queen who is from Taraba state. She claims to be bringing a lot of vitality to the home.

  1. Funky

Groovy claims, “I have plans to take it to the next level by being as exciting and enjoyable as possible.” He doesn’t intend to disregard any of Biggie’s directives.

12. Khalid

In 22 years, Khalid. Like the other housemates, Khalid enjoys playing basketball and is prepared to stir up some controversy.


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