Photos of Wendy Williams' wedding ring after her marriage to an NYPD officer
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Photos of Wendy Williams’ wedding ring after her marriage to an NYPD officer

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Henry, an NYPD officer, and Wendy Williams are hitched in a surprise announcement.

Wendy Williams, the host of a well-known talk show, is married, according to reliable reports that have reached Stechitegist Media.

Wendy williams, STECHITEGIST

A fan noticed Wendy over the weekend sitting in a black sedan in New York City. The admirer demanded to see Wendy’s enormous band, which might have been a wedding or engagement ring.

The supporter congratulated Wendy and said that she might now be engaged. Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked, a friend of Wendy’s, has also confirmed that Wendy is no longer available. Here is a clip of Wendy displaying the ring:

Wendy contacted Jason, according to Hollywood Unlocked, and “gave a few updates on her life, including the wonderful news about her new hubby.” You are all aware that Wendy withholds certain information unless she is speaking in front of a camera and an audience, the article stated. She did, however, inform Lee that she had recently wed and that her husband was a member of the NYPD by the name of Henry.

The report said, “Wendy didn’t spill any more details about her wedding, but she was happy to finally tell a close friend about her spouse.

But Wendy’s situation isn’t perfect. Her Amex has apparently stopped working, but William Selby and another close friend have reportedly been assisting her in keeping access to one of her accounts, the talk show host allegedly said to Jason.

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Additionally, Wendy wished to dispel any misinformation and stated that her son Kevin Hunter Jr., age 21, is always welcome at her house.

Wendy williams, STECHITEGIST

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