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Police criticise viral video of minor smoking marijuana

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The National Police Service has denounced a popular video showing a young person consuming what appears to be marijuana.

The National Public Service stated in a statement on Thursday that it was wrong and immoral for adults to capture such movies.

They said that doing so constitutes a crime and is illegal.

“The National Park Service (NPS) draws your attention to a troubling and offensive video clip that is becoming viral on social media and shows a young person smoking what appears to be bhang, a drug that is illegal.

NPS is outraged by this and urges the people to refrain from openly participating in illegal activities. Equally, it is illegal to violate a child’s rights, especially those of a minor. Our teams are looking into this case in an effort to identify the suspects and bring them to justice.

The conduct and its filming appear to have been carried out by either adults, according to the police, who expressed their alarm.

Kenyans were advised by the police to refrain from disseminating the video and instead work with them to combat drugs and other illegal substances.

The NPS continued, “Those sharing the clip are also aiding in the breach of the law and the minor’s rights, and they should “stop and desist” from further transmission of the same.”

We call upon the general public to cooperate with us in this endeavor.”

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Police criticise viral video of minor smoking marijuana, STECHITEGIST

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