Prof. Okonkwo says Wike's supporters are flocking to Atiku
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Prof. Okonkwo says Wike’s supporters are flocking to Atiku

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Professor Obiora Okonkwo, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, stated that Nyesom Wike is extremely important to PDP in 2023 in response to the conflict involving the governor of Rivers State, PDP candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and Wike. Okonkwo declared:

“I’m grateful. I will respond by saying that it is past time for us to move past this. I am pleased that they have reestablished direct communication and personal contact. If Wike’s problem is not resolved, it will continue to divert PDP’s attention in the future.

But the fact that the PDP primaries were relatively open gives me some solace. In that setting, it was free and fair, and Wike himself had stated that if he did not win the primary, he would still support the other candidates.

“You consequently experience great suffering in a circumstance where there were unfair primaries and manipulations. I am a sufferer from that. I am aware that it is really painful, but in this situation, a clear decision was made. As a result, Wike believes he didn’t obtain what he desired.

Then, when the VP position became available, he was not given it. will always be permitted to aspiration. But I believe what Wike said to be accurate, considering how much he has contributed to the stability and prosperity of our party and how often he has asserted that PDP is to blame for everything he is today.

“He ought to know when to end this entire situation, I assume. In this game, you win some and you lose some, thus he shouldn’t know how to cut his losses. They eventually join together to work with the party, including Atiku, whom I believe they are close with and who they pretty well know. If he continues to stretch this out, it won’t be it.

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Some of his supporters are gradually paying their loyalty straight to Atiku, paying their bills, and preserving their downtime while they are alive. He wouldn’t want to be in the field alone like a general.

Therefore, I believe it is crucial that these two gladiators have enough strength to unite. And when the 2023 election comes up, it will make PDP a stronger party.”

Prof okonkwo, STECHITEGIST

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