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Rapper Spark Death Rumor- Girlfriend, Biography, Net Worth

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Google’s news that Rauw Alejandro is dead has caused a sudden stir on the internet. Google shows that he died on August 3, 2022, if you look up his death date.

But there is no official information on the internet about his death. So, the people who use Twitter are both confused and worried. Some people have asked if he was okay or not.

The information on the Internet, though, is wrong. When people search for something on the Internet, Wikipedia is usually the first place they find information.

But you can’t trust everything on the site because Wikipedia is a wiki and anyone can change almost any page to make it better quickly. So, anyone who has changed something on Wikipedia is called a Wikipedian or an editor.

To do this, you do not need to sign up. Small changes add up, and each author can feel good about making Wikipedia better for everyone. So, it’s possible that someone changed his Wikipedia bio, which says he’ll die on August 1, 2022.

Still, it is a hoax that will kill people. He or she is still alive and well.

Alehandro Rauw is still alive. He is alive and well. Even though he doesn’t use social media much, he just posted a music video to his Instagram account four days ago.


It means that the date the post was made is also August 1. In the caption, he told his fans that he would see them soon.

Also, his Wikipedia page may have been changed by someone else. Also, another Colombian rapper named J Balvin had a similar thing happen to him.

On Wikipedia, he was also said to be dead. There were rumors that he was in an accident and died, which may have caused some people to change the information on the internet. However, this was not true.

But the information still isn’t right, since it says he died on August 3, 2022.

The death rumors haven’t been addressed by either Rauw Alejandro or his girlfriend Rosalia. His girlfriend put a video of herself dancing on her Instagram.

She is active on social media, but she hasn’t said anything about the rapper there either. So, the rumors going around are not true.

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