Sanusi reacts to Tinubu's Muslim/Muslim Ticket
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Sanusi reacts to Tinubu’s Muslim/Muslim Ticket

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The former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, spoke on Thursday at Chapter 7 of the Akinjide Adeosun Foundation (AAF) Leadership Colloquium and Awards with the topic “Are There a Few Good Leaders in Nigeria?” responded to the squabbles regarding Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim ticket.

In response to the debate surrounding Bola Tinubu’s Muslim/Muslim presidential ticket, Sanusi said, “We are entering an election. What are we discussing? Christians and Muslims in the North and the South? Is this really the issue we’re worried about? What difference does it make if your administration is made up of inept Muslims or Christians? This government will it run? Yes, in order to prevent conflicts, we must start thinking about fairness and balance in this society as well as variety.

How many people can show up to an election with tens of millions of cash to pay delegates? If you solicit donations from the public, how will you treat them with respect and act morally once you are in office? You’ve already arrived at your target; in exchange for getting there, you exchanged your conscience.

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“Or when a country is willing to sell itself; when the poor on the streets are willing to accept N5,000, N2,000, and vote for N2,000 today in exchange for forgoing healthcare, security, and education for the ensuing four years? Maybe then we’d understand what Chief Awolowo meant when he said that a country gets the leaders it deserves. These are the questions that Nigerians need to ask.

Muslim Muslim ticket, STECHITEGIST

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