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Scientists find a planet where people can live to 3,158

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Scientists have now found a planet that is habitable and where people can live until the age of 3,158, Stechitegist Media gathered.


The average life expectancy on the newly discovered potentially habitable planet, which is 100 light years from Earth, would be 3,158 years.

A multidisciplinary team of researchers, under the direction of astrophysicist Laetitia Delrez, have discovered two planets circling the star TOI-4306.

About 6.5 times smaller and half as hot as our sun is TOI-4306. The first planet is designated as TOI-4306b or LP 890-9b. It is only 2.7 days to complete an orbit around its star and is around 30% larger than the Earth.

The average lifespan on Earth right now is 73.5 years. As a result, TOI-4306b, which has a substantially shorter year due to its extremely brief orbit, would have an average life expectancy of 9,943 years.

The number of candles on your birthday cake is absurd.

Initial detection of this planet was made by NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). The TESS spacecraft is on a quest to find exoplanets around nearby stars. Worlds outside of our solar system are known as exoplanets.

This planet has an orbital period of roughly 8.5 days and is about 40% larger than the Earth. So you may have up to 3,158 birthdays if you happened to live on this planet.


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